Monday 28 August 2023

BREAK!! RPG Non-commercial license

Hey everyone, we wanted to share a few guidelines for fan-content since the BREAK!! Core Rules Beta has been available for a while, and we’ve been posting ‘Option Menu’ on our blog to help you customize and create for the game. People have already done some amazing things and have asked for guidance on what is acceptable to publish. 

We developed the BREAK!! RPG Non-commercial license with this in mind. We tried to be as clear as possible; hopefully it doesn’t sound too strict as a result! We want you to be able to create with confidence, but also protect our 10 year investment in developing the game. 

Please note, these terms are subject to refinement (we’re doing our best here but still learning!)

Also, though it's probably obvious, it should be said that these guidelines are for things you want to share/publish widely, not things created for your own personal use

In addition, we are working on a Commercial License for VTT support and a third party publishing. We aim to release this once all our kickstarter commitments have been delivered, so please stay tuned for that.

BREAK!! RPG Non-commercial license

  1. You can freely use BREAK!!’s game terms in your creation, but NOT the definitions, artwork, or logos.

    Free fan-creations (such as new adversaries, setting ideas, adventures, custom character options and rules, digital tools, fan art) are fine to share as long as they DON’T include text or art copied, in part or whole, from the Core Rules or other official BREAK!! sources (such as the blog, content previews, or press images).

    It IS okay to include game terms by name in your work (including rule procedures, existing adversaries, abilities, locations, etc) for reference. For example: “Battle Princess”, "Heart's Blade", “Negotiation”, “Skelemen”, “Wistful Dark”.

    In addition, the character sheet in the back of the book is free to reproduce and use as well.

    We don’t want your content to negate the need to buy our game, or exceed the legal concept of ‘fair use/fair dealing’.

  2. You cannot make a claim against us for any similarity to your fan creation that may appear in our future works.

    Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be able to monitor or read every fan project. If something we publish down the line unintentionally contains similarities to a creation made under this license, the creator accepts that they cannot make a copyright claim against us.

    We don’t want your creation to impact what we can develop for BREAK!! in the future.

  3. Please be responsible

    We do not endorse using BREAK!! as a platform to do something egregious like spreading hate speech or to facilitate personal attacks. In addition, we request you be mindful when tackling sensitive issues.

    We don’t want to hinder creativity, but also don’t want fan content to negatively affect the perception of our game or its players.

  4.  Mark your work as unofficial.

    Please label your work as a fan creation! This makes sure that people know your work is distinct from ours.

    If your creation is more formally presented than a blog post, for example in a zine or pdf download, do NOT use the game’s logo AND include this text disclaimer in your work:

    “[Product Name] is an independent product published under BREAK!! RPG’s Non-Commercial License and is not affiliated with BREAK!!’s creators or publishers.

    This is to protect us from any infringement claims or offense that might be contained in unofficial works,

Thank you!

Actual play videos and podcasts are cool and we’d love to see them! And of course, It’s fine to show/quote the rules during the natural course of play.

Thanks again for all your support and creativity so far, it's truly inspiring. Make cool things, have fun, and we hope you continue enjoying BREAK!!

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