Monday 31 March 2014

Not an April Fool's Post! (Seriously!)

So it looks like I will not be able to make my self-imposed deadline of "around the end of March" in spite of stepping up my efforts and such. It's hardly a big thing - I doubt anyone will be too upset with me for taking a bit longer with things, but I still want to keep up communication and let you guys know what's going on.

Basically, the play-test got a lot bigger then I thought it would. I was initially going to try and cut as much as I can - but I decided that I'd rather keep a steady pace, show you guys how things are going and give you a rule-set that gives you a good idea of where I want to go with all this.

Also I like some stuff too much not to flesh it out. Sure, the sample adventure only includes one potential Colossal Monster (Which is a "bad idea secret boss" sort of thing anyway) but I want to include it anyway.

Anyway, below is the current mock-up of the table of contents, sans page numbers. I want to start releasing chunks of it here on the blog (especially the character creation stuff) soon, so here's hoping.

0) Intro - about the project & packet objectives
1) Basic rules
  • Aptitudes (Checks, Saves, Contests)
  • Movement and Overland Travel
  • Inter-session Actions
2) Character creation (limited)
  • Traits and Quirks
  • Species
  • Callings
  • Finishing Touches (Speed, Defense, Etc)
4) Equipment and Other Considerations
  • Adventuring Gear
  • Companions
  • Minor Techno Relics and Other-World Devices
  • Encumbrance
5) Combat And Conflict
  • Basics
  • Maneuvering
  • Hearts and Damage
  • Colossal Combat
  • Stunts
  • Non-Combat Perils
  • Recruitment and Persuasion
  • Notes on Reputation and Influence
6) GM’s Section
  • Mapping
  • Adversary Creation
  • Magical Artefacts and Major Techno Relics
7) The test module
  • Area Layout + Map
  • The Crumbling Shrine
  • Homble
  • Old Ranch/Tenebrate Encampment
  • The Masked Woods
  • The Echoing Cavern
  • Pola River
  • Rogues Gallery (Bestiary and NPC Listings)
8) Feedback form
9) Proto character sheet

Also I'd like to talk about what this is going to look like when it's all released. I want there to be a free version of the rules that's still useful, as well as one where at least Grey get's some money for his spectacular art. At the moment, I'm thinking of making a nice, no frills version of the rule book (with everything you need) as a download. Maybe give it a few zine-style sketches here and there? Only time will tell.

As for the one that'll cost money...well, It'll look good, I can guarantee that much.

Friday 28 March 2014

Play packet 1 : Sword Saga - Pregens

Exited about playing the first Break!! play packet but don't have the time to roll-up? Never fear pick one of these off the shelf and get stuck in...

01. Chib Specialist

Origin - Merchant
Trait - Smooth Talker (+1 Aura)
Quirk - Adorable
Beginning Species Ability - The Better Part of Valor: Counts a speed step higher when retreating
Starting Gear - Cart Pulled By Pack Scuttler, Guild Membership (2d20 Gold worth of Adventurers gear from Homble) and a Truncheon

You’re actually a local! Your family owns a lovely little shop back home - but that’s boring! Your siblings can have it. The world is too big a place, with too many treasure you can claim (and sell!) to sit around in a comfy little place. You’ve just got to prove yourself to the others and then you’re set.

02. Human Battle Princess

Origin - Whisked Away (BP version of Dimensional Stray)
Trait - Brave, Earnest, Klutz (+1 Grit, +1 Aura, -1 Deftness)
Quirk - Daft
Beginning Species Ability - Exemplar: Bonus +1 to an aptitude not covered by your traits
Starting Gear - Skirmisher Armor (Reinforced school uniform), Heart’s Blade (Ornamental Mace), Smart Phone that still works some how…

You don’t know how you ended up in this weird world, or what you’re supposed to do about it. Still, you’ve got these strange abilities you didn’t have before and people are in trouble. It’s only proper to do what you can...right?

03. Tenebrate Murder Princess

Origin - Abandoned
Trait - Hard Hearted (+1 Grit)
Quirk - Morose
Beginning Species Ability - Shadow-Sight: Eyes are a solid purple color; can see in total darkness
Starting Gear - Bastion Armor, Heart’s Blade (Gothic looking Axe), Precious Keepsake (Old Doll)

Pity doesn’t come easy for you - You’ve wandered the Shadowed Lands alone for as far back as you remember. You may not seem to give a damn about the others here, but you won’t let some shade abomination make orphans out of anyone else.

04. Human Warrior 

Origin - Warrior Caste
Trait - 100 Gold Piece arm, 1 Copper brain (+2 Might, -1 Insight)
Quirk - Iron Thews
Beginning Species Ability - Prodigy: Extra Class Elective Ability (Gallant)
Starting Gear - Rokko-Do War-Mount, Paragon Armor, Shield, Standard Weapon (Sword)

You are a newly knighted warrior from New Radia, the holy city. You’ve traveled to the area at the behest of your superiors as well as at your own accord; you are eager to prove yourself, and there is little better way then defeating some creature of darkness.

05. Obake Warrior

Origin - Strider
Trait - Aware, except when it comes to feelings (+1 Insight, +1 Deftness, -1 Aura)
Quirk - Beast Tongue
Beginning Species Ability - Animal Form (Avian): Can transform into a small bird like creature
Starting Gear - Skirmisher Armor, Pulled Weapon (Short Bow), Vial of Star-Water

Born into a clan of scouts and pathfinders, you’ve naturally acclimated to travelling - even within the dangerous “Shadowed Lands” of the Wistful Dark. You’ve come from the peaceful province of Torm for new challenges and a chance at a bit more fame and fortune then your forebearers.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Dimensional stray, development sketch

Dimensional stray = entity ripped from another realm of existence via a dimensional rift (e.g. enchanted roller coaster ride, magical wardrobe) and deposited in the Break!! game world... where there is no cell phone reception.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Map - Visual tests

Not done any cartography before. Experimenting. Not finished. Time consuming. Learning. Fun!

For me the best bit of modern maps are the symbols/iconography (data porn!). Aim is to try and introduce some Break!! specific ones and create a hybrid old/new style. Note to self: This is a game map so needs to be functional too!

Also looking forward to depicting more fantastical geography rather than realistic natural forms.

Maybe a difference for GM and player handout version!? (e.g cliche parchment version! sorry couldn't help myself)