Sunday 13 September 2020

Art, Allies & Adversaries

While there isn't much to report (we're still at it folks!) I can share some art Grey has done for two of the game's Game Master Entities; The Chosen One and the War Gruun!

Chosen Ones are individuals that have been chosen by Fate to undertake some great challenge or quest, usually claiming powerful treasures in the process. The issue here is that Fate has been twisted and bent thanks to various events in the Outer World's history, and Chosen One's quests have become mistimed or misapplied in the meantime! As a result, they can be anything from unlikely allies to dangerous enemies of the player characers!

War Gruun were created in the 2nd Aeon by the Bio-Sorcerers of Calian, meant to be unstoppable weapons employed against a massive number of ordinary soldiers. While they retain a certain gentleness that is common in all Gruun, they were made to fly into an unstoppable rage during certain conditions, whether they like it or not. 

A big hope with these - and many of the Game Master controlled entities included with BREAK!! is that there isn't a simple way to to deal with them. They aren't automatically your allies or adversaries; but they can be either.