Tuesday 15 May 2018

Overland Travel Rules. Communicating ideas

At the end of the Overland Travel section (or as an appendix) I want to include an overview of the procedure for quick reference, and to show how the mechanics slot together.

I am investigating 2 formats (in raw form here)

A linear check list.
A process flow.

The checklist is boring but easy to follow.

The flow chart is visually interesting but intimidating (but an interesting exercise!)

Thinking I'll add more visual appeal to the checklist or simplify the flow chart.

Sunday 13 May 2018

What we've been working on

We've had a long stretch of invisible activity, so I thought it'd be nice to post an update on what's going on for the sake of all those following.

  • The big one is the main book itself. You've probably seen screenshots of our alpha stuff - what's happened is that Grey has taken all of what I've written, transferred it into a PDF via some crazy docs-flow wizardry and is now slowly working through the resulting document and adding art, layout, and so forth - as well as making the text fit. After he's done I'll probably go through once or twice and tweak text again because I'm a jerk like that and we'll have something for people to look at and edit.
  • I am sorry this is slow, but remember that it is just Grey and I working on BREAK!!. If one of us has some busy hiccup in like it puts a whole on things for a bit. It's because of this we've decided on doing smaller books from here on out.
  • Speaking of those smaller books, I've more or less finished the draft of a Companion book filled with how to's and Game Master nonsense which should probably see the light of day soon after the main book. Trouble in Sprocket (our first adventure type thing) is more or less drafted, I just have to put the finishing touches on it. It reflects how I'd like all our adventure releases to be; a scenario within a larger area that can be used for further adventures.
  • Sometime ago I wrote a little solitaire adventure for BREAK!! that I thought might be good for the rule book. We went for something different, but I thought it might be something I could release as a sort of preview for the game, so I've been touching that up too. Keep your eyes peeled because if I turns out alright I'll be letting everyone know where to get it. 
One of the two characters for the solitaire adventure
Thanks again to everyone reading for their interest and patience - here's hoping we don't let you down!