Thursday 2 February 2023

Kickstarter Pre-Launch!

Finally! The news you've all been waiting for!
Break!! pre-launch page is live on kickstarter

Well, perhaps not the news, but the news that that news is coming. We're finally here - BREAK!!'s kickstarter is nearing it's launch date and you can use the link to watch for it.

It's exciting enough as is, but I want to leave everyone with a few other things to look forward too:

  • The Web Page will be getting updated soon with new info
  • We have some fun ideas for stretch goals and the physical book itself
  • BREAK!! is already 90% done - we hope to be able to deliver a sort of beta or Ver 0.9 version of the PDF to backers when the kickstarter ends, not just for feedback for the final version but so we can get the game into people's hands ASAP
Anyway, welcome to any new comers and thank you to anyone whose stuck around with us, waiting for this. We really appreciate it!