Tuesday 29 August 2023

Freebie: Skimmer Cycles (Gear)

The Outer World has no shortage of ways to get around - in the contemporary era of the 4th Aeon, a number of mounts and vehicles move across the planets surface. While these journeys remain fraught with peril, whether its through the land, sea, or sky, you have options as a traveler to brave that trip. 

But among all the modern choices, some relics of the past endure. Discovered by eager junkers, restored by clever gadgeteers, and ridden by the daring, these vehicles come in a variety of shapes and function. Among them are the towering humanoid Gigaframes, soaring Wind-Cutters, and humming Autocarts, just to name a few. The sight of them lights a fire in the hearts of adventurers and scholars alike.

While not as physically impressive as these examples, one smaller, personal craft remains very popular among those seeking a stylish way to move about the Outer World: The Skimmer Cycle.

Skimmer Cycle (Vehicle)

A smaller, one person version of a Skimmer. These vehicles were extremely common in the 3rd Aeon, and while still fairly rare, they can be found all over the Outer World in various states of repair.

  • Inventory Slots: 16
  • Crew: 1 Pilot (a second person can ride behind you if they hold on tight)
  • Overland Speed: Mount
  • Traversable Terrain: Land
    • Skimmer Cycles require a charged Small Spell Engine to function. This allows the Cycle to operate for 3 days. 
    • If used during combat and other similar encounters, the Skimmer Cycle has a Speed of Very Fast.
    • You may make attacks and other indelicate actions from the back of a Skimmer Cycle at GM discretion, as long as you have at least one hand free for steering.
    • Your GM may rule you need to make a Deftness Check to stay in control if something strikes you while you are riding or some other difficult circumstance comes up, with failure sending both you and any companion with you flying from the bike and incurring a Light Falling/Impact injury.
  • Cost: 3 Gems (though it is rare to find these on sale - it's more likely parties will find one in need of repairs in some adventure site somewhere)
A skimmer cycle's design depends heavily on the culture that designed it. Akenian cycles tend to come in bold colors and prioritize comfort for the rider. Calian designs are more angular and skew towards maintaining an impressive silhouette. Those assembled in the Gleysian Technocracy tended towards being a bit boxier and more practical.

Skimmer cycles are also somewhat romanticized in the 4th Aeon due to being featured quite prominently in a popular legend about a heroic masked magi-knight that fights on the behalf of the downtrodden.


  1. Just need a sidecar variant :).

  2. Did this magi-knight fight for the user?

    1. Ha, it was meant as a Kamen Rider Reference but you know...that works too!

    2. WOW. I spent the last few days to read this blog start to finish. I am gobsmacked. You spent 10+ years on this labour of love. I mean it shows. I take my hat off and bow to all parties involved. (Can one misely kickstarter campaign really pay your wages for the last ten years? I am in doubt. All the more reason to thank you) The art and clean layout immediatly drew me in. As did the anime style magic tech mesh-up. I am 40 something and never played really played an RPG in my life. I do not dig the sword and sorcery "high fantasy" image of DnD and have also heard the rules of 5e are allegedly convoluted and daunting. Thus, I hope that this book will be beginner friendly. I am very excited for this to come out.

    3. Wow, thank you! It means a lot to hear that :D

      I think the book is pretty good for beginners - it seems daunting since it's not small, but if you make a character by following along at the start you will have something to help contextualize the rules as you look through the rest. Just go at your own pace!