Friday 26 December 2014

The Baddies

The NPC descriptions seemed popular, so I figured I'd do a few for the setting's big villainous players. These are the ones preped for "Negotiations have failed" situations.

"He stands straight, in spite of the great burden that seems to lay heavily upon his shoulders. Like the blade at his side, he is broad, unyielding and golden. His narrow glare catches you; you are but a speck in his eye, something that stands, however briefly, in the way of his glorious vision."

"Her body is a tight, tangled mass of inky tendrils wound into the vague shape of a woman. Her grey face is marred with sorrow, but otherwise lovely. She speaks to you in weeping tones..."


"...attacking the "children" was the wrong thing to do. Her form rapidly unbinds itself, her now unbridled mass striking at you like a thousand accusatory fingers lost in the darkness. Angry, screeching snarls assail your senses from all sides."

"Upon the silver throne is an unquantifiably beautiful figure. Long silvered hair frames an angular face and makes way to flowing white vestments. Upon delicate wrists are two chains, one golden and the other iron. The figure begins to write holy symbols into the air with long, delicate fingers as you fast approach."

"Behind her stoic mask is an incredible rage, only visible in her eyes. Her strong, rigid stance and dispassionate expression betray no emotion - even as her intent becomes obvious when a shimmering weapon forms in her hands."

"The youth's regal attire is unmarred, even among the filth here. His eyes are alight with joy when he see's you draw your weapon, and his cheerful commands are heeded by things awful and unseen shuffling about in the darkness."

Sunday 14 December 2014

Some Sample NPC descriptions

"A scheming little ovoid in good clothes, with a perfectly coifed wisp of hair at the top that suggests vanity and a great deal of wasted effort."

"Bent. Small eyes, large teeth. Difficult to say whether he thinks you look intriguing or delicious."

"A supple, scarred body and a look that suggests you should stop coming up with adjectives and address her properly."

"Cheerful and pleasantly wide, like a perfect dollop of meringue."

"Squared and broad, with a hairline that is retreating rapidly from the severe look of his face."

"Her bored glance and relaxed posture means introductions are unnecessary, she likely already knows what she needs to."

Just some isolated NPC snippets from Break!!'s sample starting area. I am enjoying the writing style, but debating on doing it in a more traditional fashion.

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Quirk Lists (Mortal Characters)

Things are forming together pretty nicely at the moment, but since we are at the nitty-gritty bits it means I don't have as much fun new stuff to show you as Grey does. However, I suppose I can give you little peaks at what I am doing at the moment.

Every character in Break!! has a quirk, which is -
You know what? Lets just get the exact bit from the actual book:

  • Part 5: Quirk - What is odd about you? A Quirk is a specific eccentrism or quality that grants a character a small benefit and a corresponding weakness.

(The above excerpt is from the character creation outline, which I think came out pretty nicely.)

As you probably guessed, this is only one of the Quirk Charts. Immortal characters have a separate one filled with fairy tale nonsense and mechanical characters have one with odd parts and unique computer systems.

Table 4A: Mortal Character Quirks (Human, Chib, Bruun, Rai-Neko, Promethean and Tenebrate)
d66 Roll
Quirk Description
You’re a robust specimen; muscular, fat, or bulky in some other way.
An ample body ensures that you can take a bit more punishment, but it can make it difficult to move around.
  • You have one more Heart than a normal character of your rank
  • Your Speed score moves down a category (usually normal to slow)
Something about you has made it easier for you to do grievous harm when you fight. A traumatic past, psychotic nihilism or a simple desire to inflict pain could be the culprits.
  • You gain a +2 to your Attack score
  • Your lack of caution incurs a -1 penalty to your Defense Rating.
Years of staring at open tomes with little light has strained your eyes, meaning you need glasses to see. You begin play with a well worn pair and benefits of being well read.
  • Your years of reading have paid off - you are granted an additional starting language of your choice
  • Without your glasses you suffer a Snag on all rolls while doing something dependent on your sight
You are childlike, appealing, precocious or any combination of the above. This makes you disarming and easy to agree with, but also considerably less threatening.
  • You gain an Edge to Aura rolls when attempting to charm someone or convince them of your relative harmlessness
  • You incur a Snag to Aura rolls when attempting to intimidate or impress others
Jittery, skittish, paranoid - whatever the cause, you’re always on the lookout for some hidden danger or threat. This means you often spot potential enemies without fail. It also means you let everyone in the area know that you have, suddenly and very loudly.
  • Your party is only ever surprised on a roll of 1
  • Your party only ever surprises enemies if they roll a 1
You are well read and you make sure everyone knows it. Your extensive knowledge and attention to detail comes in handy, but it also means you are dull, or worse, a know it all.
  • You have an Edge while making Insight rolls
  • You incur a Snag when making Aura rolls while trying to charm or please someone
Iron Thews
You are the naturally strong sort, able to prevail in contests of physical prowess even if not in the best condition. You can be a bit to strong for your own good at times.
  • You have an Edge while making Might rolls
  • You have a Snag when making Deftness rolls that require a delicate touch
Always Prepared
You have various bits and bobs on your person and manage to keep track of all of them. You’re either a magpie or a macgyver, and while everyone is pleased when you have just the right tool on hand, no one is happy when you trip.
  • Once a session you may name a single item worth less than 45 Coins and no more cumbersome than a standard weapon. You have that item on your person at that exact moment.
  • Whenever you roll a natural 20 on a Deftness check, random assorted junk spills everywhere and probably complicates the situation. The GM is encouraged to be cruel here.
Choose another character in the party; this is someone you want to protect for whatever reason. You are generally rather fussy and even parental around them.
  • You have a sort of empathic link with this character and know instinctively when they are in some sort of danger, as well as the general direction you need to move in to get to them
  • If this character dies during the course of the game, you gain the Morose trait (result #43) to replace this one.
You are almost too smart for your own good, noticing things others don’t and out thinking your peers. The excitement of your discoveries often overrides your better judgement.
  • You may opt to automatically succeed an Insight check once every session
  • When the above ability is utilized, you must also announce your findings loudly and clearly to no one in particular.
Universal Orator
Your voice is clear, your intent made obvious by tone and body language even if you’re attempting subterfuge.
  • You can communicate simple (one sentence or so) ideas and commands to anyone you address, even if they do not speak any languages you do.
  • You have a Snag when attempting to lie or deceive, as your expressions and gestures tend to give you away
Dark Demeanor
You carry yourself in a way that suggests misanthropy or evil, even if you don’t exhibit such traits. You may dress in a lot of black or have shifty eyes.
  • Other individuals will likely assume you are the wicked sort at first glance. Similarly inclined creatures will treat you as a potential ally.
  • Naturally, those inclined towards law, order and peace will distrust you, and may quickly blame you for misfortune or disaster. Both these impressions will stick unless proven otherwise.
Angelic Countenance
A guileless smile and soothing voice makes you appear innocent and saintly, regardless of whether this is true or not.
  • Benevolent individuals will likely assume you are good and kind at first glance. They will pass you over for blame and generally trust any assertions you make that are not completely ludicrous.
  • Criminals and other villains will assume you’re out to get them, and may decide to get rid of you before you can. Both of these assumptions remain unless you are witnessed acting in a manner counter to them.
You simply aren’t interesting in the slightest. You are difficult to notice, easy to forget and altogether unremarkable.
  • People are unlikely to recall if you were in a particular situation (needing to make an insight roll to do so) unless you were the only one else there
  • However, someone may attribute your actions to another person who was there, including the positive or heroic deeds you accomplished.
Every adventurer seeks some wealth, but you’re a bit more obsessed than most. This single mindedness makes you good at pinching every penny, but it doesn’t always allow for the best judgement.
  • If given a full day to shop and browse, you can purchase any commonly occurring item for (20 + 1d20%) less than its normal price.  
  • You must make a Grit check to resist going after any visible, unclaimed treasure, regardless of the danger involved in getting it
The world is a dangerous but amazing place and you want to see it all. Unless restrained or adequately scolded, you will haphazardly poke around any place you can.
  • Whenever entering a new room or small area, roll a d6. On a roll of 2 or less, you discover something hidden in the room, such as a secret door or treasure that has been cleverly tucked away
  • If you roll a 6 while making this check, you have stumbled into something deadly like a monster or trap.
  • Neither of these will happen if such things are not present, but at least you’ll know they aren’t there afterwards.
Big Eater
A lifetime of gourmandism (or gluttony, if one is feeling rude) has increased your appetite exponentially and your love of eating can invigorate you.
  • Taking an action to inhale a days worth of rations in combat will restore one lost heart
  • You must eat twice as many rations in a day to satiate yourself
Your sense of style and inborn panache means you always can find the cutting edge of fashion - or make it yourself, when required.
  • You have an Edge on Aura rolls where your physical appearance is a factor.
  • You must spend at least 50% more on any clothing, armor or other accessories you buy to keep this bonus. If you decide to wear something you’ve found, you’ll need to spend a similar amount of money on getting it adorned, gilded, or modified to suit your personal aesthetic.
You're lean, scrawny, or otherwise lacking in substance. This has made you light on your feet but disturbingly easy to break.
  • Your speed moves up a step. (Usually Normal to Fast)
  • You have one less heart then a normal character of your rank
You’ve been through a lot and it’s made you tough. Your healthy constitution borders on inhuman, but it’s made you a bit less cautious than you should be.
  • You heal two injuries instead of one for each session of downtime spent resting.
  • You're a bit oblivious though, incurring snag on all Deftness rolls related to avoiding injury.
You are in a bad mood all the time. Your gloomy disposition will not relent for anything, may it be mirth, romance or extreme peril.
  • You are immune to any attempt (magic or otherwise) to alter your emotional state, including effects that induce fear or despair
  • You have a snag on any Aura checks that require you to be friendly or uplifting
Ghost Marked
Your skin is greyish and cold, you’re eyes a bright sanguine. The living are wary of you, the walking dead find you abhorrent.
  • The undead find your presence intolerable and will refuse to touch you, though they may find some other means to harm you.
  • You appearance is off putting to normal folk, who will avoid talking to you if they can
Arcane Mark
There is something inherently magical about you. You have a single opaque eye, an odd sigil on your hand that glows or some other clearly supernatural trait.
  • You may wield any Artifact you may come across, even if you do not meet it’s normal requisites for use
  • You are more susceptible to Artifact compulsion, incurring a Snag to any rolls made to resist them.
You’re bit too dense to know when you’re hurt or even when to stop. You also have a bit of a bad habit of letting people around you know you don’t understand something, which is often.
  • You gain an edge on all Grit rolls
  • You incur a snag on all Insight rolls when researching or attempting to comprehend something
There is something about you that makes you especially likeable or pleasant to be around; it may be physical beauty, a powerful voice or an honest, forthright manner.
  • You receive an Edge when attempting to recruit an adversary or NPC. You may also have two dedicated followers as opposed to just one.
  • You occasionally will receive attention and loyalty you were not seeking out - if you spend a week or more in a populated area you’ve never been in before, you must roll a d66. On a roll of 11 or 66, a humorously undesirable NPC pledges their undying devotion to you. This person does not count against the total amount of followers you can have at any one time, though they will jealously try to prevent you from recruiting anyone else.
Dread Orator
You were born with an unsettling physical trait (entirely hairless, odd colored eyes, strangely long fingers, etc) and the ability to question the recently dead.
  • If you place your hand on a corpse that’s a day old or less, you may ask the soul two questions and it must answer them truthfully. You may use this ability once a day.
  • After utilizing the above, you must make an Aura check. Failure means that the spirit of the corpse remains with you for a week and a day, making sleep difficult as it attempts to speak with you in your dreams. You are always fatigued during this time, but the ghost may tell you something interesting or important
You are significantly younger than the average adventurer, likely barely in your teens.
  • You gain a +1 to your Deftness Aptitude and Defense Rating
  • You are able to fit into places larger characters would not be able to with ease
  • Your small size gives you a -1 to your Might Aptitude
  • Weapons requiring two hands and armor heavier than Bastion class are too large and cumbersome for you.

If enough time passes in game for your character to reach adulthood, you may remove both bonus and penalties to represent physical maturation.

Note: Characters who belong to a small species (such as Chibs) gain the Adorable trait instead. (result 14 on this chart)
You are watched and perhaps favored by various cosmic forces, for better or worse.
  • You may grant yourself an Edge for any roll once per session
  • The GM may give you a Snag for any roll once per session, though this cannot be used to counter the previous ability
Past Injury
A traumatic incident has left you with a nagging injury or painful scar. This could be be anything from a gash on your chest to something as severe as a missing eye or finger.
  • Your caution grants you a +1 to your Defense Rating. This benefit is lost if you aren’t aware of an attack
  • An Aptitude of your choice is reduced by 2. This should be related to your injury in some way.
Danger Sense
You have an eerie knack for avoiding peril. Something always seems to warn you before hand, such as a buzzing in your ears or a twitch of the nose.
  • When an action of yours is dangerous in a way that’s not apparent, the GM should roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, you are given a split second (about a round or so) to react or retract your action.
  • You are more than a little edgy. There is a 1 in 6 chance that you will react with a strike or other offensive action if surprised (accidently or not) by a non-hostile individual
Beast Tongue
You’ve been able to speak with animals since you were small. Though they tend to be a bit simple minded, they provide an undeniably useful perspective to certain areas.
  • You may choose one of the following Animal Kingdoms to communicate with; Avian, Land Mammal, Reptile, Insect or Sea Creature. You are able to understand them as if they were speaking your native language (and vice versa)
  • Undue cruelty to a natural creature or eating meat of any kind will cause you to lose this ability. It can only be regained by completing a task designated to you by the ruler of the offended Animal’s Kingdom
You are tall and long limbed, possibly very thin as well.
  • Any melee weapon that is standard sized or larger gains the properties of a Reach weapon when wielded by you. This is in addition to any other bonuses from it’s existing type.This ability does not stack with Chain or other Reach weapons
  • Your lengthy frame makes you easier to hit, giving you a -1 penalty to your Defense
You are much older than your peers or simply worn down thanks to years of struggle or hardship. While no longer in your physical prime, the usefulness of your experience is obvious.
  • You may choose one of the two following benefits:
  • Scars of the Soul - +1 to your Attack bonus as well as a Quality, non-combination weapon that you’ve had for many years
  • Forgotten more than others remember - You may roll twice on the origin table, gaining both the purviews and assets from both results
  • Regardless of which one of the above that was selected, You also incur a -1 penalty to both your Might and Grit Aptitudes
There is some great destiny in store for you (or so it is said) and you have been granted a guardian to help make sure you fulfill it.
  • You gain a companion assigned to you by the powers of light or darkness. This creature acts as a teacher or a mentor and should be an intelligent version of one of the available animals in the equipment section or a monster with a menace of 2 or less.Your companion can speak your favored language and should raise their Insight to 9 if it is lower than that.
  • Your companion was granted to you so you could perform a carefully selected task and they will do everything in their power to make sure you do not stray from it. The GM is encouraged to be cruel with this when necessary.