Tuesday 2 February 2016

Character Creation

BREAK!! uses a character creation system inspired mostly by the 1st Edition of Stormbringer and numerous Japanese tabletop RPGS, mainly involving a few tables and some corresponding choices and/or d20 rolls. The hope is that in 20 minutes or less, you'll have everything you need to start playing.

The last part is up to the player - the hope is that these qualities also provide a bit of an idea of the sort of person a character might be, giving the player a fun outline to work with.

This system will get a serious test this weekend at a friend's birthday party, but I like to give things a whirl before hand, so here goes;

Calling: Battle Princess
Species: Promethean
Home Region: Blazing Garden
Origin: Jubilant Performer
Trait: Wiry, if a bit frail (+1 Deftness, +1 Might, -1 Grit)
Quirk: Curious

Our first character is pretty fun; Promethean's are naturally big and strong, but given their trait and Origin, I am going to assume they are a bit on the willowy side for a member of their species, and a dancer. Battle Princesses are capable fighters and masters of light magic, this combined with their Curious Quirk makes me think they are an eager, heroic type (something that gets them into trouble, no doubt).

Calling: Sage
Species: Dwarf
Home Region: Buried Kingdoms
Origin: Moss Scraper
Trait: Earthy (+1 Grit)
Quirk: Dark Demeanor

Most dwarves in the Buried Kingdom come from Old Iron - but the Moss Scrapers are outcast underground farmers. I imagine our Sage here actually grew up in the tunnels outside of Underland civilization, and educated themselves with salvaged books from the ruins. This rough life gave them a permanently dour and almost sinister look, which probably explains their unfortunate Quirk.

Calling: Champion
Species: Chib
Home Region: Twilight Meridian
Origin: Medicine Peddler
Trait: Valorous and thick headed (+1 Grit, +1 Aura, -1 Insight)
Quirk: Survivor

Medicine Peddlers are very colorful characters that come from the Seven Holy Isles, wandering to sell their odd little wares, but Champions are much more suited for a scrape and that's not to mention their Trait and Quirk! I like to think this character just uses the job as cover so they can travel around picking fights.

Actually, since the inspiration for the Medicine Peddler comes from a Kabuki play, I can't help but imagine this one as a diminutive Ishikawa Goemon