Thursday 29 November 2018

Saturday 10 November 2018

The Big Plan of the moment

So it's no secret we've been plugging at this book for a while now - while it is in fact, written, layout, art, and so forth take a while and Grey is going full speed ahead on it. In the mean time I have about two full supplement's worth of stuff drafted and waiting in the wings. So once this gets off the ground, you'll have plenty of content, don't worry.

The big thing we've been talking about is how we are going to release things once the main book is ready. Grey had a pretty cool idea - zine style releases periodically, while I suggested things could be collected (based on demand) into bigger books later on. The zine thing is particularly nice as it's something Grey and I could probably keep up with as our two man team.

As for a preview - I am sorry about that. We'll have something around release (so people know what they are getting into) but at the moment we figured we'd put our energy into getting this full game out for all of you. 

Anyway, thanks for reading!