Friday 23 December 2016

I know you're all dying to hear my voice:

This is only tangentially related I suppose, but I recently was in a podcast. I do think it's still pretty relevant to anyone interested in BREAK!! because I dump a lot of my RPG-thoughts into it.

I hope you enjoy!

Sunday 11 December 2016

The Town of Sprocket (Adventure Snippet)

With the rules basically written and Grey hard at work on putting together a sort of alpha PDF, I'm working on the small sample Adventure to include with the main book. This is a rough write-up for the main town.

(Small Note. Anything followed by a (x.x.x) referencing a another section of the adventure.)


Founded 4 generations ago by a group of junkers sick of wandering between Bevel and Cog, Sprocket has grown into a small but bustling community. The town’s culture and architecture is a mixture of rural sensibility and technological eccentricity: quaint little homes and buildings decked out with whatever odd gadgets or technosalvage their owner couldn’t sell or bear to part with.

Facilities and Shops
  • Most business in Sprocket is done at Rigg’s Place (x.x.x) or conducted personally by Pa Beardsly. At the Game Master’s discretion, travelling merchants might have a stall or two set up, selling various wares.
  • Food is distributed evenly among Sprocket’s citizens, but travelers (usually) have to pay.
  • A strangely large amount of people in Sprocket have a Gadgeteering Workshop (or something close to it) in their home, and most will gladly rent it out to travelers for the standard fee.

The People of Sprocket
  • Most of the villagers are junkers or work at the crash site. This means that the people the party will meet in town are either taking a break, doing odd jobs around town, or moving between places.
  • They are friendly to a fault but they don’t appreciate their time being wasted.
  • If questioned by the players on the current goings on, they will answer with information from the Current Buzz chart.
  • GM Tip!: If the players are totally stumped and you want to help out, having one of the people of Sprocket know some key bit of info is a pretty good way to do it. Feel free to work that int here if you need to.

Current Buzz (Game Master may Roll or Choose)
  • (1-5) “That Pa sure is a real dealmaker! I heard that the Shogun of the Holy Isles and some far off Knight Commander are in a bidding war over that Gigaframe we’re fixing up.”
  • (6-10) “I feel real bad for that mechanoid working in Rigg’s place. She seems to want to tell us something real important but one can understand a word she’s saying.”
  • (11-15) “I’m telling ya, that drone would have taken my head off if I hadn’t backed off! Ain’t no amount of salvage that’s worth your life.”
  • (16-20) “Welcome to Sprocket!” (followed by an awkward pause)

Security and Local Authority
  • Sprocket’s Town Guard (x.x.x) has 9 members: 8 Guards who pair up for 4 alternating 6 hour shifts per Cycle and one Guard Captain who is basically on duty whenever she isn’t sleeping.
  • Any merchant’s caravans passing through will likely have their own guards or hired mercenaries. This is common practice in the Outer World, as few communities are able to spare any of their own protection.
  • Both Riggs (x.x.x) and Pa Beardsly (x.x.x) could be considered the leaders of Sprocket. Riggs mainly deals with local business and infrastructure, but Pa handles the foreign dealings and trade that make up much of the town’s earnings. The two only barely respect one another.