Saturday, 5 March 2016

Map of Outer World

So Rey provided a sketch of Outer World.
I thought it would be fun to base the land masses on a broken up supercontinent (like Pangea)
Used a hexagon, fractured and jigged so details didn't fall on the page fold.
Still lots to finesse on the last stage (make more naturalist, add cartographic details, etc)


  1. Looks great! What do the colors represent? Factions?

    Also it looks like you have 14 sacred isles.

  2. I updated the map a bit (hopefully the cluster of 7 islands at the top is more obviously grouped/labelled now)

    In Outer World time of day is geographical.

    Light colour on the right (perma-day)
    Darrk on the left (perma-night)
    Green in the middle (twilight)

    Each node is a distinct region/faction

  3. I should probably put the Area descriptions in another post...

  4. If you use "Dawnwards" as descriptor in the map, you as well might want to use "Duskwards"