Sunday, 7 June 2015

Character Sheet - 2nd pass

Wow! It's been nearly a year since I last looked at the BREAK!! character sheet. The system is still maturing but mechanics are stabilising so I thought I'd have another look at them.

Random thoughts on character sheets
  • Is a brand opportunity. Does it represent the the game verbally and visually. Take design cues from rulebook (circles, icons, fonts)
  • Complexity/Rigidity vs. Simplicity/Flexibility. Initial reaction is that clean sheet with white boxes where you can sy anything is the way to go BUT its not fun to fill in (uncertainty) and doesn't help you understand the mechanics. So...
  • Should tightly match the mechanics. Leave no ambiguity in terms of where put data and have enough room a worst case scenarios (a fully encumbered Rank 10 Champion)
  • Personalisation. I've (inconsistently) used first person on sheet. I can... My name is... (Is this annoying or engaging?) Does it help you understand. Abstracted simple labels don't inspire. 
  • I also like piclists/tags for things like name, personality. They give ideas (not on this version!)
  • Profile pics. Creative types happy to draw amazing bespoke characters sheets from scratch what about those that cant!? Faded (easily ignored) face template to trace over customise. Could provide a set for gender/species!
  • Colour can add 'fun' also useful for information design. This design easily put in black and white!
  • Need continuation sheet for adventure log, experience points, followers (coming soon)
  • Ability sheets for callings - Writing down ability names and benefits is a drag and time consuming. Just tick a box on a separate sheet (if not certain the information that is written succinct so it is quick/fits). See below.
  • Character Sheet PDF download to include creation funnel, filling in help and core stats. No use of rulebook minimised (Thanks Scrap Princess)
  • I left a central margin as I was thinking about a multi-leaf folded character sheet. I kinda like that notion but may get dropped, is not that practical.
  • Digital character creation is something I am keen to explore.  Your characters on your smart phone!
  • A blank piece of paper is still a good option!

Aptitude experiments
  • Give examples of checks related to this Aptitude to help player. (smash, crush, lift). 
  • Rather than just have Trait (aptitude bonus) as +1 use words (feeble, strong). Your actually supposed to come up with your own (second option)
  • Bar chart fun or a chore to fill in?

Calling ability sheet
  • All the options are here. Just tick a box rather than jam the information into a tiny text area.
  • Also Rey... I subbed this down hard to fit.

Anyway, more dev needed...

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  1. I like the bar chart as a quick visual - very game-ish, which is good here.