Thursday, 20 April 2017

Character Generation. Linear Flow. Quick Start Stats

BREAK!! development seems to be mostly one step forward two steps back!
Looking at a rejig of the first part of the book, character generation (1/3)

Despite efforts to cram character creation into a few pages, the system is wonderfully quirky and must be handled differently.
  • Will be a more traditional, linear flow
  • But will add Quick Start Stats to get you moving rapidly through the process (enabling you to skip over large chunks of text)

'Link' text points you to the next chunk of text relevant to your character creation path.

Will need to tie in stats to character sheet more tightly (whole sheet will needs a revamp... that's for another post)


  1. I know that you probably heard this a million times, and don't even want to read it anymore, but there is any ETA on the release of this?, i am really interested on this, everything looks great, from the system, to the monster, to everything, you dont need to give a date, but a year of release is enough for me, if possible of course

    Other then that, Great job so far, everything looks great

    1. "This Year" has been our standard reply for 5 yrs!

      Slogging away. Needs to done soon... powers.... fa d i n g

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