Saturday 16 March 2024

Freebie: Ocularion (Adversary)

This week's freebie started out as me making BREAK!!'s version of a certain popular game's iconic  floating eyeball monster and then throwing some curve balls with it. I cut down the amount of eyes to one, and opted to use existing BREAK!! rules to create a more game appropriate and slower acting version of a disintegration ray. I thought giving it the ability to link up with other Adversaries would give it a clear function as a useful minion for greater threats.

If you want to turn it into something a big closer to the inspiration creature, I'd up it's Rank to 8, make it a Mega-Boss, give it a legendary ability that allows it to fire more than one kind of status ailment beam a round, and remove it's bond ability to replace it with something that justified a slightly higher defense rating.


The melting ordeal of being perceived 


  • These strange flying eyeballs are theorized to be the result of ancient Calian bio-sorcery. Unsettling due to their odd vestigial claws and unceasing gaze, Ocularions are often found skulking around old ruins or in a symbiotic partnership with other monsters or magic users.

Menace Level

  • Boss


  • 6

Allegiance (Dark)

  • 3 (Dark) 

  • 1 (Light)

Home Region/Habitat

  • Ocularion’s are most common in the Wistful Dark, but have managed to find themselves all over the Outer World.

Aptitudes (Observant, Mesmerizing, Fragile (+2 Insight, +1 Aura, -2 Grit)

Primary Aptitudes: Deftness, Insight, Aura

Secondary Aptitudes: Might, Grit

  • Might [9]

  • Deftness [10]

  • Grit [7]

  • Insight [12]

  • Aura [11]

Combat Values

  • Hearts [4]

  • Attack [+4]

  • Speed [Slow]

  • Defense Rating [14]


Fleshwarped Form (Standard, Species, Magic, Dark)

Ocularions are homunculi created by ancient magic and their physical forms reflect this. Their “bodies'' are enormous eyeballs that are about the size of an average human’s torso, with four sharp claws jutting out at different points in its circumference. 

  • Ocularions have surprisingly sturdy bodies, granting them a natural Defense Rating of 14. They do not need to eat or breathe, managing to sustain themselves by absorbing mana.

  • Ocularions are able to manipulate and grasp objects with their claws in the same way other humanoids can, though certain actions may be easier or more difficult thanks to their odd spherical shape. These claws are also able to strike as Standard Weapons.

Floating Eye (Standard, Species, Magic, Light)

Thanks to the arcane nature of their body, Ocularions move through a limited version of levitation.

  • Ocularions are able to hover through the air.

  • While they have a Speed Rating of Slow, they are able to avoid effects related to walking or crawling along the ground (such as the Perilous Battlefield Condition) among other advantages of being able to float.

Liquifying Gaze (Advanced, Magic, Dark)

The Ocularion’s most feared power is its oppressive glare, which has the ability to desolidify objects and individuals alike.

  • Ocularions may use this Ability in one of two ways:

  • They may target an Area up to 2 Areas away with their gaze. This takes an action and prompts a contest between the Ocularion’s Insight and the Grit scores of any individuals in the targeted Area. 

    • If the Ocularion wins the contest against any of the targets, they are afflicted with the Jellyfied Status Ailment. This effect lasts for an hour unless otherwise dispelled.

    • If a Jellyfied target is subject to this Ability, they automatically take 1 Heart of damage. If the target’s hearts are reduced to 0 or less by this method, they melt completely into formless sludge and are physically destroyed.

  • They may also use this Ability to target objects in an attempt to sunder them. Each turn spent gazing on an object reduces its Hearts by 1. If the Object is not destroyed, hearts lost this way will be restored in an hour. This Ability can melt even magical materials, so it’s considered to be very powerful.

Shared Sight (Advanced, Magic, Dark)

Ocularions have the curious ability to telepathically bond with more powerful entities, allowing their ally to see what they see. It is theorized that they were created to be scouts and guardians for practitioners of dark magic.

  • Ocularions are able to bond with individuals that have at least one Point of Dark Allegiance. Both parties must agree to the arrangement and the bond is established instantly. The bond may also be canceled at any time by either side.

  • Ocularions may only bond with one individual, but said individual may bond with multiple Ocularions without hindrance.

  • Those bonded with the Ocularion are able to communicate with them telepathically regardless of distance. They can also see whatever the Ocularion sees at any given moment.

  • Either side of the bond will know if the other is unconscious or killed.

Communication Methods

  • Ocularions communicate through a form of telepathy that involves sending messages in Dark Tongue though the flow of mana. They understand the spoken and signed components of that language as well.


  • Ocularion’s avoid direct combat whenever they can, often opting to try and keep away from an enemy and incapacitate or eliminate them with their melting gaze. Multiple Ocularions will often all use this ability on the same area at once for a truly devastating coordinated attack.

  • They also tend to take advantage of their ability to float, trying to keep an Area or so above their targets or trying to escape via maneuverability if things aren’t going their way.


  • Characters with the appropriate skills can harvest a Deliquescing Iris from a fallen Ocularion’s body.

Deliquescing Iris (Additive)

This part of the Ocularion’s eye hardens into a strange looking stone when exposed to the air. It makes for an interesting conversation piece, but also can be used to empower imbued items with the Ocularion’s powers.

  • Attack: This item gains the use of the Ocularion’s Liquifying Gaze Ability. This Ability may only be used once every 24 Hours, unless the Imbued Item also incorporates a Spell Engine in its construction. Each additional use of this Ability in this 24 hour period takes a single charge from this Spell Engine.

  • Eldritch: This item allows the bearer access to the Ocularion’s Shared Sight Ability. This differs from the normal version of this Ability in that the bearer may only use it with one person who they already have an existing social bond with.

  • Price: 100 Coins per Unit


  • Indicators - The unnerving feeling of being watched, the sound of something slowly cutting through the air, glop that may have vaguely humanoid features

  • Roleplaying Notes - Ocularions are intelligent, observant, and curious but also have little understanding of social niceties and come off as cold and blunt in the best of situations. They may be merciful to those willing to converse with them.

  • Customization  - There are almost certainly other variants of the Ocularion whose gaze causes dangerous versions of other status ailments.

Random Encounter Reaction

  • Friendly/Benign (1-5)

    • This Ocularion is currently not bonded to anyone, and wandering curiously about. Depending on the situation it may take interest in the party, and will respond to inquiries from them in kind.

  • Indifferent/Wary (6-13)

    • This Ocularion is bonded with an authoritative entity in the region, and constantly reports back what they see to them. It is no doubt suspicious of the party, and may retreat or attack if they give it reason to.

  • Hostile/Bloodthirsty (14-20)

    • This Ocularion is bonded with someone that has it out for the party and it is stalking them, waiting for them to enter a dangerous situation 

Variants and Related Entries

  • The Ocularion’s gaze attack could be given to other creatures to represent things like breath weapons or hexes that target a wide area. 


  1. Cool stuff! Really need a monster manual sort of book full of these adversaries.

    1. A book full of adversaries is something we definitely want to do!

    2. I am looking forward to it!