Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Layout change - 2 columns

I liked the simplicity of a single column but have recently been feeling like the layouts are boring and wasteful. Finally thinking about moving to a 2 column layout. This means:
  • Higher information density
  • Less wasted space
  • Less page flicking
  • Less pages
  • Cheaper to print
This change, according to rough estimate should reduce the overall page count by a 1/3 or more (that's a saving of about 100 pages on current projections)

I can also see the narrower column format porting well to a mobile phone rules app!

Not all layouts are converting well to the new system (but I'll keep investigating)

Other design experiments include: Die icon for random tables, moving the reference number to the left and redesigning it for better visual punctuation, a continuation icon for content that wraps over to the next page (I know I'm over engineering! I'll remove it later), different illustration sizes to add variety.

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