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Freebie: Followers

Need some followers for your next settlement? While look no further, here's 20 of them. You can even roll for them randomly that way, if you want.

Each of these is meant to be added on top of their existing companion type, essentially replacing the starting process where you select their trait and species and what not. I know this isn't quite as helpful as just writing out their whole entry, but it's a heck of a lot easier to format for a blog entry.

  1. Custrel - Gilia Mossbraid, Dwarf
    • Traits: You can count on her (+1 Grit)
    • Proficiencies: Mighty Weapons, Medium Armor
    • Additional Combat Gear: Barricade Smasher (Mighty Weapon), Cobble Mail (Medium Armor)
    • Gilias is a grubby and grouchy mercenary whose pretty dependable. She'll grumble and grouse about any job she's on, but if she's paid well (or her loyalty has been earned) she'll follow along nonetheless.

  2. Custrel - Acorn Aggro, Chib,
    • Traits: Light on his feet (+1 Deftness)
    • Proficiencies: Drawn Missile Weapons, Concealed Weapons
    • Additional Combat Gear: Cupid Bow (Drawn Missile Weapon), 10 Heart Arrows (Ammo)
    • With his hooded cloak and repeated attempts at a gravely voice, Acorn is doing his best to come off as a real tough cookie - but keeps finding himself "mistaken" for cute instead. He's been trying to teach himself to swear recently with mixed results.

  3. Custrel - Blake Hissken, Promethean
    • Traits: Very cool (+1 Aura)
    • Proficiencies: Arc Weapons, Standard Shields
    • Additional Combat Gear: Legion Spear (Arc Weapon), Burnished Aspis (Standard Shield)
    • Blake is an effortlessly cool sellsword who waxes poetically about carving his own path in this fractured aeon. He does occasionally overlook things (easy to do, considering how towering he is) but manages to be a stalwart warrior in spite of it.

  4. Custrel - Sashi Sharpsaber, Native Human
    • Traits: Great Condition (+1 Might)
    • Proficiencies: Master Weapons, Thrown Missile Weapons
    • Additional Combat Gear: Tempered Tachi (Master Weapon), Star Shuriken (Thrown Weapon)
    • Bonus Ability: Vagrant Blade (Champion)
    • A woman of mysterious origin, not because she's quiet about her history but because she tells a different story every time. Depending on when you ask, she's a disgraced ronin, an honorable shinobi, or even a pirate on the run. At least she's honest in most other regards.

  5. Custrel - Karey Gemgrace, Tenebrate
    • Traits: All too aware (+1 Insight)
    • Proficiencies: Standard Shields, Medium Armor
    • Additional Combat Gear: Heater (Standard Shield), Medium Armor (Errant Plate)
    • Karey is a novice knight whose mentor's chivalrous career was ended by a disastrous chompa related incident. Feeling it was a bit too late to head back home and learn to be a clerk, she's resigned herself to playing things safe and is all too happy to point out any unnecessary risks her employer happens to be taking.

  6. Scholar - Otto Cottontail, Hoppalong
    • Traits: Surprisingly strong (+1 Might)
    • Specialist Subject:3rd Aeon Technolgy
    • Note: Otto can repair and craft basic gadgettering crafts and has a specialist kit to do so. He also has access to a Helical Archive sponsored workshop.
    • While not particularly courageous, Otto's thirst for knowledge and area of expertise means he spends a lot of time in dangerous ruins. He won't shut up about something once you get him going, but is an otherwise pleasant sort.

  7. Scholar - Promising Enterprise, Rai-Neko
    • Traits: Thankfully quick (+1 Deftness)
    • Specialist Subject: Monsters and other strange creatures
    • Promising Enterprise is a member of a scholar collective attempting to write something they're calling the "Monstery Manual". While open-minded and curious normally, they are just not budging on that name.

  8. Scholar - Penclick, Goblin
    • Traits: Used to roughing it (+1 Grit)
    • Specialist Subject: Subterranean structures and locales
    • Clever and resilient, Penclick's claim to fame is that through sheer luck and gumption he's managed to survive six different cave-in and cave-in adjacent incidents! He's hoping for a seventh one, as it's a lucky number.

  9. Scholar - Greg Hollands, Dimensional Stray
    • Traits: Unnervingly Astute (+1 Insight), Had a Gym Membership (+1 Grit)
    • Specialist Subject: Dramatis Personae of Outer World
    • All Other Worlders are a little strange, but Greg seems especially mystifying. Rather than a tome, he's tapping through a portable Other World device, and even though he sometimes refers to them in odd ways like "three stars" or "super super rares" he knows quite a bit about the important individuals and their goings-on.

  10. Scholar - Valdi Farview, Native Human
    • Traits: Aggressively Charming (+1 Aura)
    • Specialist Subject: All things magic
    • Bonus Ability: Everyday Divination
    • Valdi is both performer and fortune teller, always happy to put on a bit of a show when she discusses anything arcane or the future fate of her audience. She lays it on so thick that people are actually caught off guard by her actual divining abilities.

  11. Guide - Gallance Clearview, Tenebrate
    • Traits: Observant (+1 Insight)
    • Gallance is especially fond of fishing, and will regale anyone who hires him with increasingly outlandish stories of his exploits throughout their trip. Some of them might even be true.

  12. Guide - Tug, Gruun
    • Traits: Robust (+1 Might)
    • Named for the fact she's often hauling things back and forth for people, Tug has gotten to know the lay of the land thanks to moving across it so often. She enjoys the quiet and will not hesitate to shush someone whose being excessively chatty.

  13. Guide - Poppy Lightfoot, Chib
    • Traits: Light-footed, naturally (+1 Deftness)
    • Poppy is a bubbly little scout whose all too happy to guide adventurers on all sorts of dangerous expeditions. Truth is, she's seen so many odd and terrifying things that it's rare for anything to shake her cherry disposition at this point.

  14. Guide - Neon, Bio-Mechanoid
    • Traits: Meticulous (+1 Insight)
    • Stoic and studious, Neon doesn't say much - even though they are clearly very often in thought. Their experience with the area around them is the result of their hobby of wandering about whenever they are pondering something.

  15. Guide - Zol'sa Vilgrand, Elf
    • Traits: Enchanting (+1 Aura)
    • With his airy voice and wistful expression, Zol'sa can sometimes come off as more of a phantom than a living being. When pressed, he'll explain he's lived many lifetimes and forgotten everything he's learned, but he at least remembers where things are.

  16. Scamp - Prissi Fullvault, Native Human
    • Traits: Imperious (+1 Aura)
    • Bonus Ability: Trusted Comrade (Raider)
    • Note: Prissi has two animal friends connected to her Trusted Comrade Ability, a Skree named Flappy and a Growl named Charles.
    • Prissi is the daughter of a pair of busy local merchants. She has no patience for the dull world of plenty they occupy, and often escapes with her pets to pester- no, assist any adventurers she comes across!

  17. Scamp - Bronz, Promethean
    • Traits: Wiry (+1 Might)
    • A hard faced lad whose doing his best to earn money for his ailing younger sibling. He's a bit too proud and cautious to accept generosity from strangers, but may accept some from a friend.

  18. Scamp - Delilah, Tenebrate
    • Traits: Clever (+1 Insight)
    • Thanks to her tendency to sneak off to dark places and remain unseen, Delilah is able to reveal the locations of hidden adventure sites and secret rendezvous to curious adventurers. Her sharp wit is revealed via a curt manner and shrewd demands for the information.

  19. Scamp - Scrimp, Goblin
    • Traits: Tricky (+1 Deftness)
    • Scrimp's arms and legs are pretty new to him, having only recently spored and all, so he's having a great time running and jumping about in an effort to test them out. It does get him in a bit of trouble now and again, though.

  20. Scamp - Milquetoast Essay, Rai-Neko
    • Traits: Nine(?) lives (+1 Grit)
    • Every coin Milquetoast Essay earns is another step towards his goal of owning a proper skyship and seeing all of Outer World. At least that's how he see's it. It's a great plan as far as he's concerned, and one he'll share with anyone who will listen.

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