Sunday, 8 October 2017

Where to talk about BREAK!! in 2017 (and beyond...?)

Just a rundown of places you can find, post, and even discuss BREAK!! information!

All of these places will likely share information, though each will cater to different needs so it's really an option of how (or if) you want to interact with us.


  1. We're also happy to host discussion on RPGnet, where there's a thread about it already, although not one with great development yet.!!-RPG

  2. Also everyone sign up to the "we're ready to launch!" Email alert..

  3. I just really really really am hanging for the book .... its got me sweating every-time I think about it now. More so because were about to start a new game now the old one has been put well to bed. at this point its looking like that will be Anima - Beyond Fantasy... but only because I cat get my BREAK!! on :)