Monday, 10 April 2017

Character sheet

Somewhere along the way I forgot about the importance of the character sheet. It's a key player/game interface (despite paradoxically being relatively easily to replace with a pencil and paper).

And, following on from my last post on chargen, along with some reinforcing feedback from playtesters I'm prolly gonna add an overview page that explains which sections in the book are required to fill it out. Concept below.

Have been kindly reminded that this need to be practical, not infoporn (see below)


  1. dont think you can dismiss these as just infoporn

    1. I think mine could be if it is just an annotated character sheet as it has no real utility.

      The examples (Cthulhu, D+D) are practical/functional/time saving (e.g not infoporn!)

      I need to aspire to those, but I feat our system does not lend itself well to this approach.

  2. I predominantly agree with what's been stated here and elsewhere. Character generation and statistics is so strongly dependent upon callings and other choices as to make it not easily able to be summarized, except in the most broad terms. If you're wanting to diagram the character sheet within the rulebook, it may be better done through showing a sample character being created than outlining the general creation process.

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