Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Honest Descriptions of the Outer World, Part One: The Wistful Dark

So in the book proper, the areas of the Outer World are first touched upon (during character creation) and later expanded in a dedicated section on setting.

Grey posted the map WIP and I was tempted to post snippets of that here, but I decided that the blog needed something unique to itself.

So I give you something a bit more blunt, more visceral: Honest Descriptions of The Outer World
(AKA Perpetual JRPG Plotonia)

Part One: The Wistful Dark
Literally stuck in the Dark Ages

Secret of Mana stretched over the Holy Roman Empire built on top of the ruins of Final Fantasy Camelot

The Murk
Zelda Fairies and weird monsters from Ghibli Movies in one spot with a lot of trees

The Shadowed Lands
Everyone here is stuck in the scary parts of Berserk and Wizards

Disturbing parts from children's animated films, the island

Proudly fighting awful monsters with quietly bad ideas and black spiky armor)

The Hollow Queen's Kingdom
Yoshitako Amano draws Cannibal Corpse Album Covers and probably weeps a bit land


  1. I love those descriptions. Any one of them would make a great campaign setting all by itself.

    1. The idea is that you should be able to base an entire campaign in one area, go all world tour, or even just use them as style guidlines for your own settings.