Saturday, 15 August 2015

The State of things, and Negotiation Rules

Forgive me for the rambly nature of this post! I just have a few things I want to update everyone one on.

In case you missed it one way or another, we got interviewed!

One question we get - a lot - that we can't quite answer is "When will it be ready?"

The unfortunate nature of the thing is that we can't be sure. We almost have a working draft, but then we have play-testing, editing, layout, etc: On top of which Grey and I have the extremely bad habit of giving the other more and more stuff to do.

We are reigning ourselves in a bit, at least. I'd say 6 months is a good guess. Prior to that we'll have a play-test download doc for you all. Of course, time makes fools and liars of us all, so we'll keep this at a cautiously optimistic "maybe".

At the moment we are actually working in tangent on the game's Negotiation system. What's odd is that it's not super long or even that intensive; it's just an important part of the game that has to be easy to grok, quick to use, but still present significant options and application for players. I honestly think we've nailed it, but Grey is the best at ironing out kinks which is kind of what we are doing now.

I'm also working on the Downtime activities for characters. Because it's not quite enough to that your characters can scour ancient ruins and broker deals with dead kings in forgotten tongues, sometimes they need to manage their Rune Bakery side-business.

Hopefully I can show you guys some of that really soon!

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