Sunday, 12 July 2015

Trouble in Sproket - PreGens


  1. These are fantastic!
    Did you base the Factotum off the Medicine Peddler from Mononoke? That's perfect.

  2. Well yes!

    Also... I really loved the the miner/battle princess character too. Might draw a full body version of her. Well worn overalls, chunky boots, pick axe weapon and mole pet.

    I colour coded the characters too to give them a Gauntlet/Spirit Tracks multi-player vibe.

    The locations are inspiring too! I like to think the old magitech beasts are all kinda like our dinosaurs. No one really knows what they were like and their remains are of huge scientific interest.

    1. The Battle Princess is my favorite too, I think!

      I just now realized you color coded them and that's wonderful. I was even thinking about asking for that but I didn't want to be even more of a bother XD.

      That's really how I want it, like all this Old World stuff is big and amazing and everyone is afraid of it but wants a piece of it at the same time.