Friday, 13 June 2014

Short Creative Exercise: Eye-balling Stats

Blizack over at Dungeonskull Mountain inadvertently pitched an idea to me; Take a picture provided and give the central character some Break!! Stats. I probably could have gone into more detail, but I liked being simple with these - seemed like a more effective way of kick starting the imagination of the reader.

(I posted the pictures as links in hopes the artists would get the attention, just go ahead and click them and it should open them up in a new window)

Human Warrior
Trait: Graceful, Deadly, Single-Minded (+1 Deftness, +1 Might, -1 Insight)
Quirk: Stylish (+2 Bonus on Aura Rolls where positive physical appearance is a factor, need to spend at least 50% more money on anything worn to maintain this bonus)
Notes: Bastion Armor, Long Grip Weapon, Standard Shield

Human Specialist
Trait: Clever, Deadpan (+2 Insight, -1 Aura)
Quirk: Nearsighted (Need Glasses, excess study means an additional language learned [Beast-tongue])
Notes: Alchemist Elective ability, Guardian Animal Companion (Growlhund), Pet Animal Companion (Purr), Star Gem Lantern

Lol Ahri
Obake Murder Princess
Trait: Fierce (+1 Grit)
Quirk: Unhinged (+2 Attack, -1 Defense)
Notes: Carnivora Animal Form (Tails as a tell), Puella Pugna Elective ability (Unarmed attacks as a Heart's Blade)

OK, back to actually writing the game for now. If anyone has an especially neat character they want me to work like this, please feel free to send it my know, somehow.


  1. I like it when the negative trait labels (-1's) actually develop character (deadpan, single minded)

    Maybe the double positives (+2's) could have a superlative prefix added e.g... HYPER smart?

    1. I want to give lots of trait examples via NPC's and sample characters, just so people know they can really justify the bonuses and penalties anyway that works for them.

      I would have never thought of the superlative prefix bit, but it's brilliant.