Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dimensional stray, development sketch

Dimensional stray = entity ripped from another realm of existence via a dimensional rift (e.g. enchanted roller coaster ride, magical wardrobe) and deposited in the Break!! game world... where there is no cell phone reception.


  1. Actually *having* cell phone reception could be fun!

    1. "What in the hells is that?"
      "Hold on. Let me Google that"

      "How did we get lost?"
      "Mr. weird pants said he lost sell recepetion and his selluar foon stopped working."

    2. I really actually like this idea, though I'm torn - should the cell reception be able to contact home (which could be a wonderfully fun meta thing at the game table) or provide a bit of in game info? The setting actually has a couple of places where "Cell Phone" reception is at least semi-plausible!

    3. Random die roll on connection strength for every unit of time that matters.
      Still has to pay for the cell plan.
      Plus data overage charges, and ROAMING.

      Then how does bill get paid?