Tuesday 19 September 2023

Freebie: FUNGUY and MUSHDOOM (Adversaries)

Today's BREAK!! freebie are a pair of adversaries that are sure to grow on you:


Mushroom Menace


  • Funguy are an eccentric species of walking, talking toadstools. Thanks to a habit of keeping to themselves and a tendency towards ruthlessly expunging outsiders, very little is known about them.

Menace Level

  • Mook


  • 0 (Unranked)


  • Dark: 1 (No Allegiance)

Home Region/Habitat

  • Funguys have a preference for cold, wet places. Their favored region is the Wistful Dark (particularly the Murk) but they can also be found in thick forests or dank caves throughout the Outer World.

Aptitudes (Alert, Meticulous, Excitable [+2 Insight, -1 Aura])

Primary Aptitudes: Might, Grit, Insight

Secondary Aptitudes: Deftness, Aura

  • Might [5]

  • Deftness [7]

  • Grit [6]

  • Insight [8]

  • Aura [5]

Combat Values

  • Hearts [1]

  • Attack [+0]

  • Speed [Normal]

  • Defense Rating [12] (Size, Fist of the Fungus) 


Tiny Toadstool (Species, Standard)

Funguy aren’t particularly tall, barely waist level to the average human (and this is even with their mushroom caps).

  • Funguys are Small

  • This is already calculated into this entry’s stats.

  • Funguys breathe and eat, though not in the same way that other humanoids do. They just sort of absorb liquids and organic matter into their body along with air. 

  • Consumables (such as potions or magical food) still affect them like they would another applicable creature, it just looks really odd.

  • Funguys are also able to consume spoiled or unprepared organic material as Rations.

Telepathy Spores (Magic, Dark, Species, Standard)

Funguys do not speak in any conventional way. They instead communicate by passing thoughts to and from their spores. This allows seamless communication with their allies, but is often disorienting and confusing for the uninitiated.

  • A Funguy may take a Turn to release their Telepathic Spores in the Area they currently occupy. This allows all the Funguy within this Area to mentally communicate for the remainder of the conflict.

  • Any non-Funguy within this Area must make a Grit Check. Failure means that the sudden influx of foreign thoughts is a bit much for the target to handle and they are afflicted with the Disoriented Status Ailment for the remainder of the conflict. 

  • Success means they are able to understand the funguy’s thoughts (as well as any other non-funguy in the area that succeeded on their Check) and even communicate with them telepathically. They also receive an Edge on any further Grit Checks called on by this Ability.

  • Certain things might blow or wash away the spores at the Game Master’s discretion. This ends the Ability’s effect immediately.

  • Further use of this Ability on the same Targets within the same conflict have no effect, unless the spores were blown or washed away. 

  • Synthetic Creatures (such as Bio-Mechanoids) are entirely immune to this Ability.

  • If this Ability is used outside of combat, one can assume that its effects last for a few minutes or so.

Fist of the Fungus (Standard)

Most Funguy are well versed in a strange martial art that takes advantage of their small size and flexibility.

  • The Funguy makes Unarmed Attacks as if wielding a Quick Weapon.

Communication Methods

  • Funguys are usually only capable of communicating with their Telepathy Spores, which can be a real hindrance. They utilize the signed component of low speech use when dealing with other species in a pinch.


  • Funguy generally weaponise their Spores against shaky or easily confused foes. Combined efforts and assault assists are favored when fighting against stronger adversaries.


Funguy don’t tend to carry much around, but they do occasionally take interests in small oddities here and again.


  • Indicators - A disconcerting amount of mushrooms, the sounds of very organized shuffling, a strange odor.

  • Roleplaying Notes - Funguys find the strange physical excesses and constant babbling of other humanoids to be nearly intolerable. They are generally pretty grumpy dealing with them as a result.

  • While there is the occasional Funguy who is curious about non-mushroom forms of sentient life, they are considered oddballs by their fellows.

  • Customization  - Some Funguys learn Dark Aligned Sage Abilities. They have distinctly purple mushroom caps.

Random Encounter Reaction

  • Friendly/Benign (1-5) - The unnerved group of Funguys encountered have stumbled across a lost child and are trying to find someone friendly to turn them over to. They are trying to do the right thing, but the kid still freaks them out a little bit so their judgment of who would make a good caretaker is probably a bit off.

  • Indifferent/Wary (6-13) - The Funguys encountered are patrolling - they will watch the party intently, but let them pass as long as they don’t go near their home.

  • Hostile/Bloodthirsty (14-20) - The Funguys encountered have been riled up by a Mushdoom who believes that the non-fungal can’t be trusted and need to be driven away or eliminated completely. The party just happens to be the first group they’ve come across at the height of their fury.

Variants and Related Entries

  • With a little work and adjustment on their fiction, Funguys could be used to represent a recently stranded species of psychic alien creatures.


Titanic Toadstool


  • Occasionally a Funguy will get a little too angry or self-important and build up enough bluster to cause them to grow in size and strength. The resulting mass of belligerence and saprophytic muscle is known as a Mushdoom, and they have a dangerous tendency to rile up and lead their more docile brethren. 

Menace Level

  • Boss


  • 5


  • Dark: 1 (No Allegiance)

Home Region/Habitat

  • Mushdooms most often live among large groups of Funguys, though they are a little more likely than their smaller brethren to encroach on land inhabited by other sentient creatures.

Aptitudes (Trait:Overbearing, Stubborn, Oafish (+2 Might, +2 Grit, -2 Deftness)

Primary Aptitudes: Might, Grit, Aura

Secondary Aptitudes: Deftness, Insight

  • Might [13]

  • Deftness [7]

  • Grit [12]

  • Insight [9]

  • Aura [10]

Combat Values

  • Hearts [4]

  • Attack [+4]

  • Speed [Normal]

  • Defense Rating [13] (Size, Not so Tiny Toadstool Ability)


Not so Tiny Toadstool (Species, Advanced)

This Ability is identical to the Funguy’s Tiny Toadstool Ability, with the following exceptions:

  • The Mushdoom is Large and has Supernatural Might

  • The Mushdoom’s body is oddly tough, and they are considered to be wearing Medium Armor.

  • This is already calculated into this entry’s stats.

Telepathic Spores (Magic, Dark, Advanced)

This Ability is Identical to the Funguy Ability of the same name, with the following exception:

  • The range of the Mushdoom’s Spores is the Area the Mushdoom is currently in as well as any other Areas adjacent to them, excluding any that represent things where the spores would be unlikely to travel. Examples of this include Areas for places much higher than the rest of the battlefield or that are in or under water.

Fist of the Fungus MkII (Advanced)

Mushdoom’s eschew the swift fighting style of their smaller brethren in favor of raw brutality.

  • The Mushdoom makes unarmed attacks as if wielding a Mighty Weapon.

  • In addition, anyone of normal size or smaller that is struck by the Mushdoom must succeed on a Grit Check or become Toppled.

Communication Methods

  • Mushdooms are limited in their communication in the same ways that Funguys are. They will order subordinates to relay any messages they have to members of other species in their stead.


  • Mushdooms like to bully and overwhelm opponents. A favored trick is to knock over an enemy with their punch and then have Funguy minions swarm them for a pin or a finish.


Mushdooms don’t generally carry around much, but they occasionally take interest in worn accessories that make them look important.


  • Indicators - Air thick with inert telepathic spores, enormous circular footprints in the ground, emboldened and aggressive groups of funguys in the area.

  • Roleplaying Notes - Mushdooms are nasty bullies at their core. Even if not communicating directly with someone, they loom with aggressive body language and open hostility. Naturally, if something noticeably bigger or stronger confronts them they quickly revert to meeker habits.

  • Customization  - Mushdooms take well to certain Champion Abilities, having the appropriate amount of strength if lacking in true courage.

Random Encounter Reaction

  • Friendly/Benign (1-5) -  The Mushdoom encountered has lost of their Funguy followers due to a poorly planned scheme. Seeking someone new to push around, they will attempt to offer the party an opportunity to be their new underlings.

  • Indifferent/Wary (6-13) - The Mushdoom encountered is giving a galvanizing speech to numerous funguys present. Due to the nature of their telepathic communication, this will look like they are standing silently while the Mushdoom is gesturing madly into the air. They won’t bother with the party normally but will react hostilely if interrupted

  • Hostile/Bloodthirsty (14-20) - The Mushdoom encountered is accompanied by a rowdy group of Funguys. They blamed a recent crisis caused by their own actions on the nearest group of non-funguys - an explanation that was unanimously accepted by their followers. Now the party is unfortunately on the opposite end of the result.

Variants and Related Entries

  • Like Funguys, the Mushdoom can be reworked to be a strange, telepathic alien - just a larger, much punchier one.

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