Saturday 20 May 2023

Kickstarter Completion and our next steps!

Earlier this week our kickstarter ended. BREAK!! was funded and then some, to say the least! The outpouring of enthusiasm and the fact that so many people are excited to play our game has left both of us feeling extremely grateful. Thanks again to those of you who've been following BREAK!! for a while now and to those who only found out about us recently. We can't wait to get the game into your hands.

If you missed out don't worry! We now have a pre-order button!

Speaking of which, we're in the process of proofreading and editing now. Once that's done, a preview PDF will go out to kickstarter backers for a feedback period - and after that's done, we can send out a finalized PDF. From there, it's off to the printers for physical fulfillment. In the meantime, we'll probably look into making the PDF up for sale in other outlets as well.

With crowdfunding more or less behind us, this blog will shift a bit in focus - once the rules are available in some form for people, this place will become a spot for announcements as well as free material for the game. We have several entries on how to tweak and customize BREAK!! for your home games planned for once the preview PDF is out, for example. And once the full game is out we plan on releasing zine style supplements and freebies for as long as we are able.

So keep an eye on this blog for all the latest, and thank you again for all your support!


  1. Get out of here Harry! 😡

  2. Any chance the 0.9 PDF could be split to individual pages and added to the download link for backers? Very hard to read in a split-screen environment, or without zooming on a portrait-orientation tablet. I could do it for myself, but it'd be raster instead of vector text...

  3. I just got done submitting all the feedback I collected on my first read-through, and even though that's what was asked of me I felt bad sending in only negative comments. So this comment is just to say that the vast majority of the game is very good and I love it.