Sunday, 24 March 2019

Outer World AMA

Grey remains hard at work on layout but I want to keep you all informed and entertained, so with at the suggestion of the BREAK!! discord server I've come up with a fun way to disperse setting lore:

Welcome to the first Annual Outer World AMA (As Me Anything)! The below adventurers are happy to field any and all questions you may have about them, the Outer World, or anything else you can think of! 

(Though obviously inappropriate questions will be ignored. Play mostly nice kids)

Mariah Doeheart, Battle Princess from the Wistful Dark (And her Heart's Companion, Churly Paws)

Darla Cookpan, Factotum from The Twilight Meridian

Challa Goodboots, Champion from the Blazing Garden

Arnaldo Porras, Sage(?) from the Otherworld

Just comment below with a question and who it's directed too. Answers will be collected and posted in later journal entries!


  1. I'd like to know more about the tabletop rpg that Arnaldo Porras is working on.

  2. I'd like to know which animals are the most common pets or companions and why.

    I'd also like to know know what trail rations ate usually comprised of, what they hunt, fish, and gather in the wild, and what common meals they most look forward to returning to after a long, hard adventure.

  3. What would Arnaldo's biggest example of 'culture shock' be after arriving from Otherworld?

    Also, what's the biggest difference between a Champion and a Battle Princess?

  4. For all but Mariah (I guess Churly could answer if they want): "Would you kiss a robot?"

  5. For all: What's your favorite food?

  6. This one is for Challa:
    What was the most dangerous monster you had to fight, and what was the outcome of the battle?

  7. For Arnaldo: What is your favorite part of the Outer World? Does it make all the danger and weirdness worthwhile?

  8. Trying to comment again, since I think it got eaten earlier:

    Mariah: What are the top three things that you'd want a visitor to the Wistful Dark to be aware of?

  9. For anybody: what’s money like in the outer world? Is there banking or notes, or do you have to haul treasure around?

  10. THIS!

    Two part question:
    1) Just because you're her Heart's Companion, does that mean you automatically like/respect Mariah? Or is it a thing where sometimes individuals like yourself have a Jafar/Iago relationship?
    2) *OOOS* *A* *WIDDLE* *COOTIE* *PIE*?

  11. Darla, what's your favorite recipe?

  12. Arnaldo, what do goblins smell like?

    1. and did you leave anyone special behind in other world? have you got plans to go back?

    2. If so, is there anything in this world you would be willing to stay for?