Tuesday, 27 February 2018

BREAK!!cast Round up!

For those who might have missed these, all three podcasts where I answered questions about BREAK!! are linked here:

BREAK!!cast 1 -Where Sam and I talk about character options.
BREAK!!cast 2 - Where Kelsey, Produce and I talk about system stuff and the Shadowlands
BREAK!!cast 3 - Where Kiel and I talk about Game Master-centric stuff.

Thanks for listening everyone!


  1. Hello I was listening to the first podcast and I really like the ideas the team has came up with and am very much looking forward to full release. I did have one question however… It seems as though you guys made a lot of praise for art direction and what not and literally all of this hinges on one man. Have you considered the bus theory?

    1. I have already been hit by a bus twice! (which is why it is taking so long!!)