Sunday, 9 April 2017

Adventure site concept

Taking a (another) mini-break from the core rules...

I started noodling on a concept for an adventure site from what will (probably) be BREAK!!'s first piece of support material... Trouble in Sprocket

The Salvage Sanctum
  • Secret base of the pesky Drones (they bother the villagers when out working in the surrounding wasteland/junkfields)
  • I envisaged the Drones as buzzing about their scavenging duties like insects... which demanded an ant/termite hill inspired lair!
  • The Sanctum blends into the ruinous scenery, meaning the players need to discover its exact whereabouts (clues like the location and frequency of drone attacks on sprocket workers, smelt plumes, etc will help)
  • A hill is a good defensible structure should the party choose full frontal assault.

  • Drones usually only possess a limited intelligence, but these guys have 'developed' sentience. Their functional, robotic construction make them ill-equipped to interact with organics and due to this, and their simple machine-like appearance, are mistaken for garden-variety drones.
  • A quick random drone generator provides fun for the GMs! Determine locomotion type (wheels, biped, spider legs, hover), sensors (sound, vibration, movement), attack/defense options (burrow, retreat into shell, roll, stretch arm, gas), etc...

  • Main entrance access requires an understanding of bitstream (bot language) or the cardkey (item)
  • Drone service hatches create another way in.

The Sorting Room 
  • All entrances lead to this hub room. 
  • Drone deposit. Others sort parts.

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