Thursday, 19 December 2013

Character creation section divider

Something like this to illustrate the character creation process flow?


  1. I like it a lot! It's a clever visual interpretation of what you get out if each section.

    Profession is a good word for the Background/ Character Class part. I'm torn between that and "Calling"

  2. Yeah it's a tighter fit with the content, which is what I want for the art (plus I kinda like the videogame customisation vibe too...)

    All illustrations must aid comprehension or add extra meaning. My favourite pic in d&d is the alignment one... it illustrated the game mechanic.

    Calling is nice.

    Torn between nice evocative language and being direct and clear. Both qualities would be good. The language does become part of the 'brand' and so it's good to invent your own (rather than rely on convention), but you don't want people to get confused.

    Ryan's got a good post on playtesting words!

  3. Also should 'race' come before 'profession/calling?'

  4. Ha, I did get a serious "video game" customization screen feel from this, which is great.

    The goal for me is too strike the best balance between the two types of language. In a pinch, I tend towards evocative when something's purpose is more abstracted, and direct when a rule or ability is more cut and dry.

    Normally I'd but species before class, but since some classes preempt the former (Warroid and Fairy, for example) its probably best to keep it as it.

  5. I'm fully in favor of Race being after most character select options. I'm more in the camp that thinks of Race more as flavor or neat quirk rather than hard-line you can't play that class/use that weapon. If you do plan on having Race limit your profession it would need to be before most else.

    1. The only time it limits your profession is when said class is also your species; this is generally in specialized cases.