Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Damage and Injury Table

Most in-game outcomes in BREAK!! are resolved with Checks and Contests.

The Injury/Damage table is one of the few exceptions.

In combat, if you are reduced to zero hearts, you roll and injury. Subsequent hits incur additional Injury rolls but with a different result spread (leaning towards more severe outcomes)

Anyway, being indulgent with the design.


  1. I love you work and i wait with very impatient

  2. If you Treat an injury, does that completely fix it so that it is no longer a factor? E.g. a player get a Broken Arm with penalties etc., is Treating it something that can happen there and then which makes their arm fully functional again?

  3. Personally, I think the injury table is very complete... for a different kind of game. How do you keep a light-hearted, anime-friendly tone with such a gritty mechanic? Perhaps I might had the wrong impression about Break!!, but I'd think a more abstract, handwavy table could emulate the genre better. Especially for player characters, injuries are not about which limb gets hurt, but what sort of dramatic stress puts the player character in a spot. Is the champion critically injured in his hamstring, reducing his speed? Is the the battle princess unable to use her signature blade due to a beaten up arm? Is the sneak at risk of dropping senseless from an ill-calculated jump from one roof to the nex?
    That's my two cents, anyway.