Sunday, 13 March 2016

Honest Descriptions of the Outer World, Part Two: The Blazing Garden

Part One, The Wistful Dark

Part Two: The Blazing Garden
It's always sunny in the Blazing Garden (no, seriously).

Breath of Fire 4 with a little Jack Kirby and African mythology land.

The Alliance of Sol
Mesoamerican Hyrule: "What if Link got really tired of everyone's nonsense and was getting bad advice from Lady Mum-Ra?"

Thunda Sands
Thundaar the Barbarian and Wild Arms shenanigans with the occasional Kaijuu.

No-Folk Lands
Harvest Moon in an absurdly dangerous wilderness.

The Pride Coast
The Thunder Cats crash landed on Muskehound territory, displaced them a bit and everyone is still a bit sore about it.

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