Thursday, 8 October 2015

Demons, Witches & ...





  1. I'll have to get the "Sage Alta" records for witches and ghosts ready!

    Ghosts of the outer world come in the "Skreeeee I hate the living" variety as well as the "Oh don't mind me I'm just your new dead best friend" type.

    The latter is even one of the Fairy Origins!

  2. "It would be easy to say that 'witch' is a title given to any master of Dark Aligned magic, but that's not quite true. If you work for the church and mingle with the shadow, you're an enlightened dabbler. Professors of either magic university are granted a similar pass, then you are a trailblazer or artiste! But heavens forbid a little old woman summon a few Asura to help her around her isolated woodland homestead...."

    - Marny Garbo, Master Heretic and accused "Witch Marm"