Saturday, 11 July 2015

Trouble in Sprocket - Overview

So I should be running games at Gencon this year, which will be super fun. Of course, since I'm an ambitious and self-aggrandizing monster, I want to try and run BREAK!! if I can. Grey posted these little NPC portraits for an adventure I'm writing up.

We wanted it to be the sort of adventure that really shows off the versatility of the setting. It takes place on one of the oddest landmasses in BREAK!! which is saying something! It's a bit like if the California Gold-rush took place somewhere where a bunch of Megaman stages were dismantled and left to rust and instead of gold people are looking for robot parts. 

Oh yeah, a mecha from Five Star Stories crashed there at some point.

Click for details, and to truly appreciate the fact that Grey is drawing this stuff and not me.
Sprocket is a fun little town and would likely make a good place to start a long campaign around if you liked the Metal Continent. The adventure itself features a mystery, a short dungeon and no less than two sad Robots. The mystery probably isn't as hard to solve as it should be, but the players will need to do some cool stuff to fix the actual problem at hand.

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  1. I'd like to spruce it up and make it available as a download for people after Gencon, but we'll see how it goes!