Thursday, 25 June 2015

Weapon and Armour Layouts

Weapons and armor will be split into broad categories. Everything within a set category (e.g Light Armor or Quick Weapon) will have similar properties. This allows plenty of scope for players to invent their own armor/weapons. A few examples of each type will be given for flavour.

Here are the early concepts for armor and weapons. Should I have characters wearing the armour like the original design? I had removed the 'model' because I wanted you to imagine your character in them (and to be consistent with weapon presentation)... but possibly the page has lost a little fun. Characters also allow me to bring back some variety in the poses. However, I do like the catalog feels of the new presentation. What do you think?


  1. I kinda like the catalog layout, if only because it says "stick your character here" to me, like you said. I do think it would be cool to have people in the game's other art wearing/using some of the stuff pictured within, though!

    1. I totally will do that! The gear is a large part of the 'style guide', it's good to be finally working through it.

    2. You know, it only now occurred to me - but It may be good to include a few examples of "normal" clothing and outfits for each region too. I may get to work on that later...

    3. That could maybe go in the Origins section (and social strata?)

    4. That'd be perfect, maybe an example of one or two origins from each strata?

    5. I really should be trying to limit (not encourage) the amount of illustrations :-s
      I'm gonna rework the factotum pic so the characters are more everyman/villager types too. (Ryuutama style)

    6. LOL
      Yeah, fair enough. Don't let me get carried away with stuff either.

      Also, that's perfect! It gives Factotums a nice, clear distinction from the Sneaks. The Farmer characters from Etrian Odessey and many of the characters from Fantasy Life are good examples too!