Thursday, 11 June 2015

Equipment - Layout

  • Using a three column grid for equipment for a denser texture.
  • Have experimented with a icon system for coins, stones, gems but felt messy (I still want to get this to work!).
  • Inventory slot system needs definition.
  • Rules/mechanics elsewhere in the rulebook are visually differentiated (in a grey box) but feels  like overkill here. Not happy with the inconsistency that creates. Might revisit.
  • Item types to cater for: Unique items (Torch), Items with multiple options/levels but are mechanical identical (Tome), Categories s that suggest a list of examples but allows the GM to add items of a similar ilk (Adventuring Gear)

Had tried illustrating the object in isolation but felt this wasted a world building opportunity so opted to put the objects in context.


  1. Items + Context is perfect, I think it goes best illustrated this way! I'm gonna plummet headlong into the equipment bits since I've got a good idea how we are re-doing Origins.

    Oh nuts, "Forgotten Lore" tomes should have an Insight of 18, I'll go fix that in the main doc

    1. I've crudely cut the text back to try and get 5-6 on a page so there will be typos!
      Also use the origins/settings to influence the equipment list...
      Shadow sea pirate gets a compass.
      Starlight Farmer gets a fireberry grenade or other fruit with exotic properties.
      Moss Scraper starts with a Slime lamp.

    2. Gotcha. I'll have to endavor to be less wordy!

      Tieing the items into origins like that is pretty great!