Friday, 12 June 2015

A Combat Survival Guide for the Martially Unready

Good Day to you, fellow adventurers! Wumble Eveready here, and I'd like to address a grisly issue that my partner Dara has brought to my attention.

Yeah, mainly the fact that a lot of you are dying before you make it halfway through your second adventure.

She speaks tersely but honestly, I'm afraid. And at the heart of the issue is the fact that many dungeoneers and explorers approach conflict from an entirely erroneous angle.

If you're not a solider, samurai, murder princess or some other kind of blood thirsty lunatic, don't engage the chomp beast directly, stupid!

Again, harsh but true. Fret not, however! Tender greenhorn you may be, we can still gird you with something much sturdier than any shield or breastplate!

Don't oversell things, Wumble.

Oh come now, these are good! I like to call them:

The Meddling Chib's Combat Survival Guide for the Martially Unready!

1) Always bring some candy!
  • The best fights are the ones that never happen! Nothing calms down an angry adversary like some Chib Toffees. Also, they will be way less likely to eat you if their mouths are sticking together a bit.
2) Assists are your friend!
  • So maybe your not the best shot. Maybe your sword arm is a bit noodly. You can still back up your more fight-inclined buddies with the Assault Assist action! Be careful with this one though, it does mean you might still be in stomping range.
3) A well stocked inventory is your arsenal!
  • Just like a Warrior has to bring the right weapon to battle, you have to make sure you have the right stuff to make a difference. Flame Grenades for Ice Beasts, Star Gem light to ward of Spirits and maybe a bit of Shadow Stuff if you find yourself on the wrong side of a Deva. Oh, and you can never go wrong with some Healing Potions!
4) Pride is for the stabby!
  • Look, Brave Dame Whats-Her-Name has plenty to prove, but you don't! Hide, play dirty, beg, do what you need to do to keep yourself around. If all else fails, run as fast as your feet allow. Just keep the last step in mind...
5) Don't leave anyone behind if you can help it!
  • So this may sound like it counters the last one, but it doesn't, I swear. When all your clever plans fall apart or when all your cool stuff fails you, what's going to save your butt? Your buddies. You know who may need to take a hit to make sure they are around to do that? You guessed it. Suck it up, buttercup.
Before Wumble-Bumble takes all the credit, I have to say #2 and #4 are mine. But he's not as good a shot as I am so he needed to make up more~

AHEM. Anyway! These should keep you alive long enough to keep make it to Rank 2. If not - well, you won't be around to yell at me for it, now will you?

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