Monday, 16 February 2015

Don't worry magic fans, you're covered too.

Lest you think I am sitting on my tucas while Grey does all the work, I figured a small update was in order.

I am trying to hash out the remaining character creation stuff at the moment. The Species and Quirks are almost done - some helpful RPG people are looking it over at the moment to make sure I don't embarrass myself too much when I show them to you guys.

Anyway, today I am working on the two primary magic using Callings in Break!!. Note that these aren't the only ones there will be ever, just the ones that will be in the main book. I suspect this blog will see a lot of use to trickle out supplemental material later on.

Anyway, the two Callings are;

The Caster

Magic lives within the Caster. Spells inhabit their hearts and souls, usually manifesting within them as children and growing as they do. With intense training and force of will, Casters are able to shape the forces that dwell in their bodies into intense displays of power.

Casters take many forms, with an image and personality often influenced by their chosen Paths of magic and the duology or solidarity that comes from them. Casters are a good calling for players who don’t mind a bit of paperwork and like to use familiar powers and abilities to solve the problems they encounter.

The Rune Blader

Rune Bladers are a special breed. Their feet are planted firmly in two worlds - the disparate realms of sword and spell. Using a forgotten language as a conduit for their magic, they are able to enhance their formidable combat prowess and unleash powerful magical bursts when the need arises.

Rune Bladers are a good calling for players who don't mind keeping track of things and like having an answer for every situation. They may also be called Rune Crushers or Rune Shooters, depending on the weapon they employ.

Rather than going with anything familiar to me game wise, I opted to take ideas I liked and sort of build character types around them from the ground up. I'll admit it's a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I am confident the end result will be good.

The Rune Blader may be my favorite after Battle Princesses - it emphasizes the Give/Take parts of the better than any of the others.


  1. Also Rune Bladers sort of have a Pokeball ability? That's something.

  2. Maybe rune caster carry giant calligraphy brushes!
    Does the ink come from the spoils of a battle harvest?
    Wizards get twisted and corrupted as they are a vessel for magic. Do runebladers avoid this fate?

    1. All Rune Bladers start play with an "Inscription Kit" which has stuff like needle and thread (for stitching) Calligraphy Brushes and chemicals for etching. You can replenish it with harvested stuff, which I think will be standard-ish for kits.

      Rune Casters get Allegiance points, but they can avoid the overt changes that hit Casters - there are benefits to going all out though, so it's up to the player really.