Friday, 16 January 2015



  1. Gerblargh, Transformation requires a single combat round - I gotta go back and fix that in the main text.

  2. An insect animal form would be good too!

  3. Some observations:
    * in "realms of men and beast" it should probably be "man" (or "beasts")
    * comma missing before "or anything else the player can come up with"
    * it should be "then they are trapped" and "until said collar"
    * Flying and Swimmer has "land speed", while Runner has "land-speed"
    * comma to full stop after "War Mount's" (at least it looks like a comma)
    * full stop missing after "increases to 12"
    * full stop missing after "the size of a wolf"
    * full stop missing after "increases by one step" in Predator
    * full stop missing after "normal form" in Sneak
    * comma missing from "and Runner" in Regius
    * in "use of ones hands" it should be "one's" in Regius
    * comma missing before "or absorbing and dropping equipment" in Regius
    * comma missing before "and Sneak" in Dominus
    * full stop missing after "some form of natural armor" in Dominus
    * full stop missing after "monstrous attribute" in Dominus
    * "Sneak, Swimmer, Flyer" should be "Sneak, Swimmer, and Flyer" in Multis
    * "heart" should probably be "Heart" (or "Hearts") in Multis