Sunday, 14 December 2014

Some Sample NPC descriptions

"A scheming little ovoid in good clothes, with a perfectly coifed wisp of hair at the top that suggests vanity and a great deal of wasted effort."

"Bent. Small eyes, large teeth. Difficult to say whether he thinks you look intriguing or delicious."

"A supple, scarred body and a look that suggests you should stop coming up with adjectives and address her properly."

"Cheerful and pleasantly wide, like a perfect dollop of meringue."

"Squared and broad, with a hairline that is retreating rapidly from the severe look of his face."

"Her bored glance and relaxed posture means introductions are unnecessary, she likely already knows what she needs to."

Just some isolated NPC snippets from Break!!'s sample starting area. I am enjoying the writing style, but debating on doing it in a more traditional fashion.

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