Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Objects of Wonder: Biomechanoid Characters

Mechanoids as a whole are regarded somewhat distantly by the other species of the Outer World. As orphans of a lost era and keeper of its secrets, they are feared, scrutinized and all too seldomly loved. In the worst cases they are forced into servitude or even destroyed on sight, though this is thankfully rare.

Most of these lost constructs "awaken" without any clear recollection of the past and are bereft or home or purpose. It's not surprising many are drawn to adventuring!

All Biomechanoids have the following qualities;
    • Biomechanoids use the Damage/Destruction table in lieu of the Injury/Death table
    • They do not heal naturally through rest, but may be repaired by anyone with the proper ability and tools. They may only benefit from repair once a day.
    • Effects intended for purely organic creatures do not function on Biomechanoids, for good or ill. Healing Spells, Potions, Poisons, Radiation and the like are all equally ineffective.
    • Effects intended for objects do work on Biomechanoids, including arcane enchantment.
    • While they do not need to eat, Biomechanoids must go offline periodically to maintain their systems. This is more or less mechanically equivalent to sleep, including the onset of "fatigue" if it is missed or skipped.
    • After Rank 5, Biomechanoids may choose a standard War Mechanoid upgrade instead of an elective calling ability. This may only be done once.
    • There is no standard appearance among Biomechanoids, primarily because such a thing seemed cruel to do to beings that are able to think and feel. Many even have distinctly masculine or feminine designs, though gender is a largely arbitrary factor among them.
There are three common variants of Biomechanoids, each created by one of the three prominent societies during the golden age of humanity.

Akenian Magiroid - Created for both magical research and application, Magiroids are able to interact with the arcane du to their Spell-Engine cores.Thanks to Akenian aesthetic senses, they often appear to be beautiful suits of armor or idealized metal sculptures.
    • Magiroids are the only Mechanoids capable of being Battle Casters, Casters, Murder Princesses or Battle Princesses
    • Magitech Analytic systems allow them to identify the properties of an artifact or magical script with 100% accuracy, assuming they have at least 4 hours to do so.
Calian Expy - Designed as companions, spies and assassins, the Expies epitomize the Dark Empires skill at blasphemous fleshwork. They appear completely human under all but the most intimate scrutiny.
    • Expies have an exterior identical to a normal human being, but have obviously mechanical inner workings. Severe damage or inspection that goes beneath the skin will reveal their true nature.
    • All have either a retractable concealed weapon or 20ft length of grappling cord hidden within one of their arms, usually emerging from the wrist. These may be deployed or pulled back freely.
Argussian Laborer - The strongest and most durable of mechanoids not specifically meant for combat. Originally intended to work alongside a human populace, they have a strong, encouraging work ethic and sense of community. While obviously robotic, they tend to have friendly looking faces.
    • Laborers may carry a base of 12 items before becoming burdened, and begin play with an additional heart.

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