Monday, 14 July 2014

Weapon page layout

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  1. Been having a conversation on G+ have posted here so passer-by can join in...

    Grey Wiz (10:46 AM)

    Reynaldo, a few thoughts/questions...

    - Weapon categories could be renamed so they relate to their special ability? EG 'minor' could be 'concealed' etc.

    - A flail, by your definition, is a chained weapon right!? Seems like long and short chained weapons could be slightly different in terms of abilities. EG long chain = entangle, short chain = if miss quick second swing blah (or short chain could just be standard/quick? Tabak-Toyok = quick!?)

    - Would it be better to have specific weapon names inspired by the the setting rather than real-world? Using 'tetsubo' feels contrary to the great world building. E.g Goblin Neck Biter OR Tenebrate blood needle. etc...

    - Also mundane, superior, magic, tech differences

    - Maybe extra skills can be learned for each weapon classification. Chain/cord = choke, disarm etc...

    Reynaldo Madriñan (2:04 PM)

    - The thing on the weapon categories is a good point. I wanted super general terms, but I could probably relate them to purpose rather than vague terms based on relative size..

    - I originally had long and short chain weapons...maybe we could make "chain/cord" a special property that can be added to certain existing weapons? That may already be covered with combo weapons though.

    - I am back and forth on the real world weapon examples. Really, they were included so people could get an idea what these weapons were like so they could come up with their own easily. However, using in universe weapons would be really cool and also adds a lot of flavor to the game. Maybe I can use setting examples in the real book with all your cool pictures, and save the real-world stuff for the plain jane reference version?

    - Superior Weapons will likely have a list of small bonuses to choose from, I just have to come up with fun ones that are more down to earth then magic or tech ones.

    - Speaking of which, magic and high tech weapons will likely all be individual entries, and I have to write out the distinctions they have from one another too...

    - I was considering making small lists of the sort of stunts each sort of weapon is best at, and maybe give them a small bonus for em? Optional weapon specfic ablitles may be fun too though...

    Grey Wiz (2:24 PM)

    Good answers!

    Category name are OK actually. Just 'minor' seemed underwhelming.

    Maybe pictures could show what belongs in weapon category without using specific names?

    RE: Short chain. Prolly best to keep categories clean for simplicity I recon. Though creating your own combo weapons could be fun.

    Weapon stunt/bonus list = nice!

    Reynaldo Madriñan (2:33 PM)

    Concealed does sound much better, truly.

    You know, the pictures thing is solid. I forget how much good art saves on word count!

    I think the stunt/bonus thing not only encourages derring-do, but gives you an idea how something may look in combat. Two or three for each with evocative names might be fun.