Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Some entries from the Gear list...

Hey y'all - I know I'm taking my sweet time with this, but I may have a workable play-test on my hands! I just have to fill some cracks, organize things, etc. Anyway, the new goal is to have enough ready that I could feasibly run an impromptu game at Gencon. Let's see how that goes.

While I'm going on, I figure I'll post a few things I'm working on now. Here is some stuff from the section on stuff to spend your money on. I removed the numbers stuff since it's not as fun, though there is still some gamey language in the entries.

From the Combination Weapons Section...

Pistol Blade
As the name suggests, this is a bladed weapon with a small firearm built into its handle. Very popular among daring warriors who like to get in the first hit.

A Pistol Blade may be used as a Long-Grip Weapon in melee or as a Small Mechanical Missile weapon otherwise. It holds more ammunition than the standard models of these weapons and is able to shoot twice before needing to be reloaded.

A special Stunt may be attempted with this weapons, where the bearer strikes with the sword and fires the pistol portion simultaneously. If the attack is successful, a shot is expended and the attack does an additional heart of damage. If it misses however, the pistol aspect is damaged and must be repaired before that part of the weapon is used again.

From the Gadget Armor Section...

Gear (Bastion Armor)
Made from the hide and carapace of creatures that live in places where even the air is deadly, this armor protects the wearer from all non-elemental environmental effects, including the corrupting shadow or aeons old radiation. Thanks to a helmet with a built in rebreather, they are also protected from inhaled toxins.

Many of those who travel the Shadowed Lands and Mana Blight swear by this armor.
From the Adventurer's Gear Section...

Traveler's Bag: A traveler's bag is slung over the shoulder and counts as a single item for purposes of encumbrance, but can hold up to three other items (or one heavy item and one normal item) within. Cumbersome items will not fit in a traveler's bag without breaking one or the other. An item contained within the bag can be retrieved with a single combat round action.

From the Followers Section...

Scrappy: Some people are always ready for a fight, even if it’s not in their best interest. This hireling will assist the characters in combat whether they want them to or not, but sometimes any help will do.
  • 2 Hearts, +1 Attack, Aptitudes (All = 5), Cost: 2 GP/Job
  • Scrappys who survive their first go around will always offer to join the party permanently. They tend to be annoyingly insistent.
  • Carries a standard weapon, usually a club or other easily acquired weapon.
  • Will charge headlong into an enemy unless expressly told not to.


  1. When you got a full/draft playtest together lemme know and I'll do some light design on it.

    Gencon for the win!

    1. I have maybe 3-4 short sections of the rules I need to complete - I figure I can organize that and send it your way while I work on the shortened GMing exclusive bits. I'm excited!

  2. Some species specific weapons (with unique abilities) would be nice. Tenebrate barbed spear, Promethean blade breaker etc.

    1. I am totally stealing those.

      I'm thinking about sneaking a few of those in the setting material, along with some unique elective abilities. I think it's a fun way to express flavor/world stuff in a way that helps players feel invested. Or something.