Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Working Table of Contents for Playtest 1 (Sword Saga)

I've actually got a lot of what I want out of this thing ready - now, its a matter of fleshing out certain things and fixing up the writing. 

Below is my current table of contents - I'll admit the GM section and the test module are just notes in one of my spirals at the moment, though. 

0) Intro - about the project & packet objectives
1) Basic rules
  • Aptitudes (Checks, Saves, Contests)
  • Common Checks, Saves and Contests
  • Overland Travel
  • Dungeon/Area Travel
  • Between Sessions
2) Character creation
  • Traits and Quirks
  • Species
  • Callings
  • Finishing Touches (Speed, Defense, Etc)
3) Equipment and Gear
  • Currency
  • Weapons and Armor
  • Adventuring Gear and Miscellaneous
  • Companions
  • Encumbrance
4) Combat, Injury and Death
  • Basics
  • Areas and Maneuvering
  • Stunts
  • Hearts and Damage
  • Colossal Combat
  • Non-Combat Perils
5) GM’s Section
  • Setting, Campaign and Tone
  • Mapping
  • Adversary Creation
  • Artifacts and Techno Relics
6) The test module “Homble Beginnings”
  • Area Layout + Map
  • A Brief History on the Kingdom of Shard
  • The Crumbling Shrine
  • Homble
  • Old Ranch/Tenebrate Encampment
  • The Masked Woods
  • The Echoing Cavern
  • Pola River
  • Rogues Gallery (Bestiary and NPC Listings)
7) Feedback form
10) Proto character sheet
11) Blank Area Sheet (Hex Map)

So what do you think? Am I missing anything essential?


  1. Do you need much of a GM section at this point?

    Guessing most people testing are seasoned gamers.This playset is aimed at testing character creation and combat mechanics which you can do with the test module.

    What could be in it that would add value at this point?

    1. That's a solid point - at the moment it'd mainly be for the section on Monsters and Adversaries, as well as the bits on magic and super science stuff.