Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mariah, Battle Princess

Hidden Hope for the Shadowed Lands

Tenebrate children, as a rule, are taught that humanity is cruel and that there was no love in the world for the children of shadow. Mariah's heart could not cling to this bitterness, instead embracing the ideas told to her in her grandfather's stories. There is no justice save what we make, but hope burns forever within.

Mariah travels her sundered homeland, usually looking for safe havens and other opportunities for her people. She refuses to see sentimentality as a weakness, and often openly displays emotion during battle.

Calling: Battle Princess (Rank 6)




A Shining Promise (Battle) - She fights in the hopes that one day, no one will have to. While she isn't naive enough to believe that the problems of the world will be gone in her lifetime, but her hope is her actions will be enough to help turn the tide.


Clever (+1 Insight)
Stalwart (+1 Grit)
Bit of a klutz (-1 Deftness)


Might: 11
Deftness: 10 (9)
Insight: 11 (12)
Grit: 11 (12)
Aura: 13

Combat stats

Attack bonus: +4
Hearts: 5
Defence: 17 (+4 Bastion Armor, +1 Shield, +2 Speed)
Speed: Fast

Species Trait

Shadow Sight (tenebrate)- Those born in the shadows are often most comfortable in them. This character’s eyes are opaque and an odd color (usually greyish or light purple). These allow them to see in total darkness without penalty, but are a bit sensitive to light. Bright light (equivalent to daylight or greater) causes them to have a -1 penalty on all rolls at least partially dependent on sight.


Danger Sense - You have an eerie knack for avoiding danger. Something always warns you while its on its way. When an action of yours is dangerous in a way that’s not apparent or if something is about to catch you off guard, the GM should roll a d6. On a value of 5-6, you are given a split second (about a round or so) to react or retract your action.

While this cannot nullify an enemy’s surprise round, it does mean the character is able to defend themselves.

Elective Class Abilities

Crystal Stigmata (Boon, Light) - A gemstone featuring the character’s favorite color appears on the back of their hand. This strange stone may glow with light equivalent to a torch’s at it’s owners behest. The Princess may also heal a single injury suffered by another by taking it upon themselves with a touch.

Triumph Cantare (Boon, Light) - The Princess’ words and voice have a powerful, almost supernatural quality. The character may select two of the below options when taking this boon. All of these may be done once a session; even kind words lose their meaning when used too often!
We’ll do this together! - The Princess is an expert at coordinating combination stunts, granting everyone involved a +2 bonus on their required roll.

Alis Aequitas (Boon, Light) - The Princess’ heart has taken wing and increases their speed by one step. In addition, they may make superhuman leaps as described in the movement section of the basic rules chapter.

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