Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Character Sheet Development

Early concepts
Rey's original concept (left) & restructured (right). Still kinda like his original sketch with the image in the middle.

Extension sheets
Acknowledged the need to have extension sheets for spell casters & retainers (to come later)

Data experiments
Interesting but space hungry (or impractical) data visualization .Bar chart for aptitudes, allegiance axis and hearts scratch pad. I may revisit and incorporate these if I can get them to work/fit.

Design test
Play tested character sheets (yay!) Extra marks for the profile sketch!

Current state (still work-in-progress)

Got few other ideas I want to try out (like multi-flavour variants: 8bit, Retro/classic, minimalist) but this attempt feels like a tidy/pracitcal design and I DO want to try and push this a little more.  Anyone seen anything interesting? Like this awesome stuff by Nathan over at Platonicsolid.


  1. I really do love where this has gone - Its simple, easy to read, but still has fun stuff like those punchy little icons.

    I am going to pull for the 8bit skin forever though. Maybe that one could have a silly video gamish grid for the gear section?

    1. The icons will be scattered through the rule book too, so hopefully it will help with comprehension/brand/scanability blah.

      Quite like the allegiance meter design. Might try and squeeze that in. Could do with a bit more clarity on how it will be used in the game. Maybe you could do a post?

      Also... Send me over some screenshots of your favourite CRPG inventory screens and I'll have a play when I feel the need to return to this :-)

    2. Seems like a good enough subject for a post - maybe tonight!

      (also I need to not get too distracted poking around for inventory screen screenshots!)

  2. I guess G+ ate my comment. John Harper has some really good stuff here: