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Sword Saga Character Creation Bits and Bobs - Species

All characters begin with one of their Species starting traits. Advanced Species Traits may be taken later in lieu of an elective class ability and tend to represent more powerful, inhuman abilities.

After the Dreaming was ended and the The People were driven away, the world was wordlessly handed to the youthful race of mortals. Despite their missteps and the cruel nature of the world, humanity manages to rise again and again. Whether they will ever again rise to their peak is a question best left to time.

Starting Traits
Prodigy -  Humans have a tendency to define themselves through their craft, and this one is no different. This character may pick a bonus elective or boon from their Calling’s list instead of a traditional species trait.

Exemplar - Some make it by through natural talent, rather than expertise. This human begins with an additional +1 bonus to an aptitude not covered by their character trait.

Advanced Trait
Obstinate - Free will is an important concept to many humans and some hold to it even in the face of inevitability. If the character ever fails their save against a supernatural force or ability that would dominate or otherwise coerce them to act against their own accord (even if said ability or force usually denies its target a save) they instead lose their action so they can angrily cancel the effect and (usually) shout at the originator of it.

Tenacious as they are diminutive, the Chib’s origins are rooted in blasphemous sorcery. Created by wizards seeking substitutes for children as well as personal amusement, they were abandoned as soon as they demonstrated even the slightest desire for independence. Countless generations later, the Chib have grown hard and resourceful - a natural result when the world sees you as a nuisance at best and “bite-sized” at worst.

Starting Traits -  All chib are small. They incur a -1 to their Might Aptitude and weapons requiring both hands as well as armor heavier than Bastion class are too large and cumbersome for them. They do gain a +1 to their Deftness Aptitude and Defense Rating in exchange.

Better Part of Valor - When this chib is running for their life (or at least thinks they are) they are considered to have a speed value one step higher than they normally do even if weighed down by armor or other forms of encumbrance. The image of a chib thief dashing away with their arms overloaded by treasure was not born from comedic value alone.

Easily Overlooked - Small and innocuous, this chib is easy to miss. Unless they are making a conscious effort to be seen, then this character is always considered hidden, requiring a successful insight check to notice.

Advanced Trait
Always bet on the Little One - While it seems like the world is out to get the wee folk, fortune often favors the underdog. Once a session, this Chib can be assisted by a divine sort of luck during a contest. This adds a +5 bonus to their total roll.

When the great Sun-Machine was sealed away in the northern lands, many humans were not able to escape to the shelter of the Star Shards. Left to fend for themselves in the Wistful Dark, the Tenebrate exhibit an exaggerated version of human morality - kind, selfless compassion and cold, bitter anger are both common among the Shadow People.

Starting Traits - Tenebrate have an innate resistance to the corrupting effect of the Shadowed Lands and do not have to suffer any of the negative effects that usually plague unprotected travelers in that place.

Shadow Sight - Those born in the shadows are often most comfortable in them. This character’s eyes are opaque and an odd color (usually greyish or light purple). These allow them to see in total darkness without penalty, but are a bit sensitive to light. Bright light (equivalent to daylight or greater) causes them to have a -1 penalty on all rolls at least partially dependent on sight.

Dark Gift - While many tenebrate struggle with their natural connection to darkness, there are those that embrace it without hesitation. This character begins play with a single minor corruption, rolled on the table in the settings section.

Advanced Trait
Eventide Champion - A balanced soul allows this character to resist both their inborn nature and it’s opposite. A Tenebrate with a Twilight Allegiance may select this ability, and gains resistance to hostile light and dark based attacks.

Lycanthropes, Skinwalkers - the Obake are known by many names. Originally a servitor race of messengers and diplomats for The People, the shifters were left to their own devices when their masters fled the physical world. They have flourished in the post cataclysmic landscape, easily walking between the realms of men and beasts thanks to their innate talents.

Starting Traits - All Obake begin play with an animal form, through which one is entirely up to them. The below is true regardless of the form selected.
  • Transformation requires a single combat round.
  • Tasks that require humanoid hands and digits become impossible without some sort of creative thinking. Speaking anything but the language of their animal type is also impossible.
  • Armor that is Skirmisher or lighter and any items worn or held that are not heavy (or numerous enough to overburden the obake) become part of the transformation, appearing as small marks or discoloration on the body of the character’s animal form.
  • Anything heavier or more numerous than the above simply falls to the ground where the Obake had been standing.
  • In either form, an Obake has several consistent traits that belie their true nature. This can be a pair of obviously intelligent eyes, animal ears, a tail, beak like nose or anything else the player can come up with.
  • If an Obake is ever collared by iron or silver in its animal form, than they are trapped in that shape and must obey whoever bonded them in till said collar is removed.

Animal Form -
  • Fowl: A winged, feathered creature capable of flight, around the size of a crow or raven. Their flying speed is equal to the PC’s normal land speed. They maneuver well, but hovering is impossible. Fowl are diminutive and quick, gaining a defense of 13 while moving.
  • Ungulate:A larger, long legged quadruped that can act as a man-sized or smaller creature’s mount. Their land-speed is equal to that of a war-mount’s, their natural defense increases to 12 and they attack as if wielding a Standard weapon.
  • Carnivora: A quick, four legged creature, about the size of a wolf. Their speed increases one step and they have a bite and/or claw attack that allows them to fight as if they were wielding a Standard weapon.
  • Rodentia: A scurrying, furry little creature, no bigger than a house cat. They can move as quickly as the character’s normal form and have an Edge when climbing and hiding. Unlike most of the other animal forms, they are capable of limited fine manipulation within reason (and GM discretion)
  • Pisces: A small aquatic creature. They are able to breathe underwater and swim at a speed equal to half the character’s normal land speed.

Advanced Trait - Obake who opt to have a “Great Beast” form gain it in addition to their normal animal form. Characters may only select a great beast form that is compatible with their normal animal form, as indicated with parentheses. Said transformations are identical to their previous ones save where noted below.

Great Beast Form -

  • Regius (Fowl, Carnivora, Pisces and Ungulate): This form combines the traits of the Obake’s animal and human forms, gaining the strengths of both. Appearance varies, but always results in an obviously unnatural hybrid or tauric style creature. This form gains the special abilities of the animal form without losing speech, use of ones hands or absorbing/dropping equipment. Fowl Regius that are overloaded or wearing something heavier than skirmisher armor are unable to fly.
  • Dominus (Ungulate, Carnivora, Rodentia):  This form gains the size, carrying capacity and speed of a Pack Beast, as well as some form of natural armor (Defense of 16). They attack as if wielding a great weapon, making them a rather fearsome enemy on the battlefield.
  • Multis (Rodentia, Pisces, Fowl) : This Obake actually changes into a swarm of creatures identical to their standard animal form, one for each heart the character has. They are essentially of a single mind and may act in unison or separately. If one of the creatures is struck or wounded, they vanish instantly and the character loses a heart as normal. If all of the creatures are dispatched, the last one to remain reverts to the Obake’s human form and they must make an injury roll as normal.

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