Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Class Preview Primer

With more and more of this thing done, I think I'm going to start posting some character creation stuff here. Hopefully I'll have a full play-test ready for y'all by the time I've posted Sword Saga's available Callings and Species.

Anyway, I figure it's a good idea to outline the basic stuff that every sort of character will end up having beforehand. I'm already dropping these on you without a full rule-book, no need to be more opaque then I already am.

(Besides, its a good way to pad out entries.)

Also; I apologize if I'm retreading anything I've stated before hand - I'm going for maximum clarity here.

Rank: More or less, a character's level of experience and competency. Normal characters are usually ranked from 1-10.

Hearts: This is how much punishment a character can resist or shake off before incurring serious harm. Attacks, spells and other effects can reduce a character's hearts and once they are gone any additional damage results on an ever more dangerous roll on the Injury and Death table.

While Heart's are restored after every battle, injuries remain until properly healed.

Weapons and Armor: These are simply lists of the equipment a calling can employ.

Attack Bonus: Mostly self explanatory; this is the bonus added to a PC's attack roll.

Defense: This is how hard a character is to hit/damage. Usually unaffected by one's Calling, but still worth noting.

Aptitudes: A character's base aptitudes are decided by their Rank and Calling. Aptitudes are a measure of a character's talent and skill in a particular area; they are modified mainly by a character's trait, but other things can come into play as well. There are five Aptitudes;

  • Might - Athleticism, Applied Force, Physical Strength
  • Deftness - Reaction, Fine Motor Skills, Balance
  • Insight - Knowledge, Awareness, Analysis
  • Grit - Toughness, Resolve, Willpower
  • Aura - Leadership, Persuasion, Personality
Origin: Rolled randomly or decided upon by the player, this is a brief idea of the sort of life and training the character had before the start of the campaign. Each includes a Purview, which outlines what the character is generally good and a list of starting equipment.

As a further note, all PC's begin the game with attire appropriate to their station, a standard weapon and 1d20 gold pieces.

Innate Abilities: These are special talents or skills that are universal among members of a particular calling.

Elective Abilities and Boons: These are essentially the same as Innate Abilities, save they are selected as the player as the character grows in Rank. Boons are distinct in that taking one adds a point to the character's Light or Darkness Allegiance. If the Boon does not list a specific recipient, then the player may select which of them it is linked too.

Anyway, I should be posting the Warrior soon, so stick with me! 

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