Sunday, 2 March 2014

Play packet 1: Sword Saga - Principle NPCs

Character concepts (3 hours-ish) for Sword Saga


  1. These are near perfect! (Though I intended Grummish to be an old dwarf lady, I may need to clarify m notes a bit) Vareka and Merona are my personal favorites.

    Also, the ??? Silhouette is absolutely wonderful and I think that needs to become a regular feature for modules/adventures.

    1. Doh! My bad.

      Grummish now had gender change.

      Also added minor chest wig to Argent, and horns to Vareka.

      Yeah. Ghosting out NPCs that need to be unlocked!

      Got any maps/dungeons? Quite fancy having a go at those too!

    2. Liking Grummish much more now, loveable but grizzly old battleaxe! Good call

    3. I have a fondness for grim old grandma dwarves, because they are one of the few female voices I can do properly as a GM!

      I do really love these! Perfect.

      Also; working on a small abstracted map of the area when I have small breaks at work, so I'll clean that up and send it to you. I should be making a small, hex map version of it too, as well as dungeon/ area maps as well.

    4. Only create NPCs you have the voice talent to support. I like it.

    5. Also let me know about settings (hamlet, dungeon, camp) and other notable things (rooms, locations and objects) worthy of illustration.

      Be good if we could engineer the module to 'test' specific rules. Maybe have an extra bit of information for the GM in the adventure to help him understand what we are trying to learn/prove.

      Definitely a feedback form (physical/digital) for the players/GM to fill in

    6. Haha, I wouldn't quite say that - I have a lot of NPCs that don't sound remotely like me! Its just nice to have one you can ham it up with here and there.

      I'll bullet point those. I was thinking of a couple of good things to send you already, actually!

      Ian and I threw around the idea of making a "tutorial" style adventure; I think it's a fantastic idea. I want this one to focus on overland/dungeon exploration and toying around with gear/equipment.

      Feedback forms are a good idea - Spontaneous comments are nice, but a couple of prompt questions are always good.

  2. Yeah the mystery silhouette is fantastic.