Saturday, 4 January 2014

Species table

Not final list of playable species!


  1. I like how the war bot is too big for the picture space.

  2. It strikes me - we were talking about if Calling or Species should be in front of character generation - While I'm still slightly in flavor of Calling being first, if we stuck he Advanced Callings on the Species table, we could have that randomly generated before hand. Its worth considering.

    Also; the fact that the square is consistently the same size gives a good sense of scale.

  3. Love the species selections you have included. You have both the classics and some anime inspired representations. So far I am really digging your design choices, and the rate of information you are offering glimpses into. If this game ends up working well for small 2-3 character parties instead of assuming the standard mini-army of most old school games, I may have found my new go to game here.

    1. Thanks for your support. You can be first in line to play test! It will probably be a while before we get a complete set of rules together, then a good while longer to refine, edit and create something shareable.

      Party is size is an interesting mechanical consideration. Any views Rey?

  4. I think you have taken one step already towards supporting smaller party sizes in the use of Flares in your magic system (very cool). This allows a low level mage to stay relevant in their key area throughout an adventure.

    The other side of the coin is survivability. Can a small party have a series of meaningful encounters, and have a decent chance to survive assuming they make good decisions.

    Would love to help playtest when you get to that point.