Thursday, 23 January 2014

Representing modifiers

OK, please ignore the content/rules contained in this layout. I have pieced together half-formed ideas and notions that have been floating around and are in no way officially Rey approved.

The focus of this layout exercise was simply to look at how you might visually represent a score/statistic and its related modifiers. I'd originally poured the information into a simple picture list, similar to the quirk table, but it failed to communicate the concept adequately. Here I've taken Defence and plotted the modifiers on an axis with the base score being the middlemost... ish. Penalties and bonuses have been spread out to left and right respectively.

Further, I've tried to distinguish between Character bonuses/penalties (which are kind of permanent modifiers based on your characters 'naked' ability and physiology) and Situation based modifiers (which may only have temporal effect, or are the reflection of an augmented state that may be repealed) - Rey come up with better names for these!

Although Magical modifiers could technically fit under Situation it felt like it warranted its own category. Defensive spells, for example, may only lower your defence score against specific forms of attack (fire, gas, smell). Will reconsider this when the real content is ready.

And a similar axis could be used for Attack.

Feeling that the unmodified/base score should pop-out more as a 'read first'. Not sure the subtle grey background is enough the draw the eye. Other things I've tried to remedy this looked a bit heavy handed or messy. I'll keep fiddling with it.

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  1. The Penalty pictures make me chuckle every time.

    I think the grey background works well, but I wonder if that's just because I know I'm looking for it.